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  1. I would like a larger fiber optic front sight for my legion. Factory is nice but I just want a larger diameter, should I drill out or where to get something larger
  2. Took my new legion to the range today, firing factory 115 and 124 ammo had 7 stovepipes or failure to fully eject of of 4 full mags. Still have heavier spring in, should I change to lighter 12lb. Anyone have similar issues with new gun?
  3. I am from the US and will be doing a temporary assignment in Canada for up to two years. Can i bring a rifle and reloading equipment with me and shoot matches in Canada while there? Thanks
  4. Had my rear sight screw strip out and come completely out allowing the sight to fly open loosing all my parts. Anybody else ever have this happen? Did sti cover it under warranty? Thanks
  5. Received email from pars today at 11:30 am local time saying that they hope to be up and running by summer. Alot of confusion hope things work out
  6. Thanks for the help and heads up. I have tried calling these jokers for several weeks with no luck. This is the dumbest thing I have done by buying this pistol and then can't get support. She Might Be For Sale AND I Just On
  7. Still no luck with these, I did try a buddies sti mag and no joy there either. I have started to grind some of the base pads and have ordered the dawson pads. But didn't realize I need the inserts as well. We'll crap! Does anyone know when the pro shop will open back up, this is getting rather frustrating. Again thanks for all of the help Kian
  8. Mags came today and nope they wouldn't engage mag release. Take off base pad and the metal sleeve will engage. Might try doing some sanding of pad or just look for different pads. Any ideas?
  9. Seeing that you can't ever seem to get ahold of para on the phone, I am taking my chances and just ordered 2 to try out. Thanks for heads up postings Kian
  10. Just picked up a pro custom 18.9 9mm. It comes from factory with 2 mags but I want a couple more. Have been trying to get ahold of there custom shop for the past couple days to no avail. Help me out with alternatives anybody. Thanks Kian
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