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  1. Replied Kian. You may get a more detailed response if you ask here though.
  2. I finally had some time to try out the 11lb recoil spring with the Wilson full length guide rod. It ran great and very flat with a mix of factory ammo.
  3. Thanks Sharppoint! RTL, I haven't had a lot of free time, but I did shoot a bit. The Wilson guide rod is great, but the 9 and 10lb recoil springs were too light with factory ammo. I haven't tried the 11lb yet though. The lighter springs will come in handy when I start reloading for 9mm.
  4. I have Dawsons on my Para and TTIs on my M&P. They're both great, but I probably prefer the Dawsons for disassembly. TTI offers more color options though.
  5. That's a good looking blaster! Let us know how it runs.
  6. I'm not sure, but I don't think that will fit a Para.
  7. I fitted a GunCraft long curve for my 18.9 PC. It's not hard to do yourself. You just need an hour, a black sharpie, and some fine grit sandpaper.
  8. I know you're busy, but I never got an email back on the possible in stock +7 tube for my build. Shoot me an email or private message.
  9. I doubt it would. Nothing really clamps down too hard on the frame.
  10. Either my M&P or Pro Custom 18.9 if I put a rail on it.
  11. I picked one up recently, but haven't bought a red dot for it yet. I had the owner demo the mount for me with a laser bore sight. It was very repeatable even between different mounts and pistol models. It held within an inch at 30 yards after fully removing and switching between pistols. That's well within my margin of error at that distance. As I said, this was just a demo experience and I haven't put any rounds down range with it yet. I'm still deciding on which micro red dot to buy.
  12. No experience with the Fusion, but I fitted a GunCraft for my Pro Custom 18.9 and I love it. Only took 30 minutes with some fine grit sandpaper. It's a huge improvement over the wobbly stock plastic trigger.
  13. Ah, wish I would have known that. I bought a black one a few weeks ago when I placed my order with you guys haha.
  14. I'm waiting on my Stoeger from you guys so I don't want to keep you away from the work, but could you post the picture when you have a chance? I'll be doing the same to mine when it arrives
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