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  1. Hello BE, I have a Schuemann barrel in my 2011 Open gun. It is a 3 hole Hybricomp AET barrel with a titanium 5 port compensator on the end. I bought the gun used, so I am not too sure how many rounds have been through it. The previous owner informed me that the rifling can wear prematurely with faster powders like 3n37 or n340 (info provided by Wil from Schuemann and JL Hardy.. the gun was built by JL Hardy). I tore the gun down to spring level to make sure everything looked good before I shot it, and everything looked great, but the barrel looks like it has worn rifling. Can anyone with a Schuemann step in and provide a picture or two of what the rifling looks like in their barrel with barrel specs, including approximately how many rounds have been fired through it, and what type of loads were primarily shot with it? Also, I have been using Super Lube in my other 1911s, but with small amounts. How much would you experts recommend using in the open gun? I have been testing some loads, and have been having some issues with FTFs and FTEs. More lube (or grease?) or less? Thanks for all the help! -fish PS, this forum is awesome!
  2. 1 LBers of 3n37 available on gunbot right now!!!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forums and fairly new to competitive shooting. I will be attending my first USPSA match in early November. Meanwhile, I am soaking up as much information as I can about the sport, and brian's forums have been invaluable. Thanks for all your support! -Chris
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