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  1. I will try get something posted for you over the weekend.
  2. My shotgun is a Typhoon F12, similar in design to the VR 80. I have had pretty good luck with my Tooth & Nail drum. I did have to open the notch in the mag body about 1/16 to allow the the mag to seat properly. From a function stand point I have about 400 rds through it and it has been problem free.
  3. I got mine Saturday. I have a Typhoon Defense F12, a similar style to the RIA. I did have to relieve about 1/16 of an inch from the mag catch slot on the magazine body. After that it has run great for the hundred rounds I put through it on Sunday. Hope this helps.
  4. My 19x with an ambi extended slide release fits in all of my Safariland ALS holsters, just a bit tighter fit than my gen4 Glock 17.
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