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  1. Thanks I forgot to type that in but yes matchsaverz is on the list!
  2. Well at least to start I’ve got the lifter welded,extended bolt release and handle, extended tube, then going to have the port worked on. Try it for 3 gun this season and then have a sweet snow goose setup!
  3. Can anyone tell me if it’s worth putting the money into my sbe2 to get the port opened or not worry with more money into this gun and start saving for a dedicated 3” gun?
  4. Hi there I’m looking to get a new set of prescription sunglasses I can use for everyday and competition. Right now my everyday sunglasses are Maui Jim similar to these. Does anyone make shooting glasses in a similar style with the same quality lense and frames?
  5. Well y’all talked me into it. I cancelled my 10 shot order from Brownells that wouldn’t be in stock till mid April and ordered a 12 shot that was in stock at midway
  6. Only reason I went with the 10 is that this sbe2 is still my hunting shotgun so I didn’t want too much sticking out past the 26” barrel when hunting snows. Also may make a monster plug so I don’t even have to hassle with taking it off for other game.
  7. I thought you could only start with 9 in the tube? Once it gets here my sbe2 will have a 10shot tube on it then whatever on my belt
  8. Well it’s slowly coming together Rifle (slowly building new) for time being strike eagle 1-8 on 16” ar with 13.5” handguard I had. Need to order a comp shotgun- sbe2, ordered +7 Nordic tube and Crum shell carrier. Pistol- gen5 Glock 34. Ordering Dawson sights belt- els, als holster on qls, 2 Safariland 773 pouch, going to order their ar mag pouch. Planning on taccom shotgun caddy
  9. Ok looking at it I thought it maybe tight with the ambi slide release compared to gen 4
  10. Hey guys looking at upgrading to a gen5 34. Anyone know if it will fit my current 6378 holster? Looking at Safarilands website they don’t show any fitting these yet?
  11. I guess since the 34 debate is settled what do y’all recommend as far as gen 4 vs 5? Right now all my other glocks are 4 (26,19,21). Looks like for gen 5 they’ve added front serrations and took away the slide window ( better reliability?) besides normal g5 things. I’m leaning towards gen 4 because of familiarity and being able to get a non mos that I can have specifically cut later if I decide to.
  12. Why did Glock do away with the window cut on the slide on the gen 5 34?
  13. So more trouble than it’s worth?
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