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  1. No it didn't say to put loctite in the channel just on the set screw, does your sights adjustable or fixed?
  2. Perfect, thanks for the help!
  3. I have the Dawson Precision Adj sights. I installed them, filed it down until it fit 40 percent of the way then tapped it in. It was very tight, then I loctited the set screw and zeroed it. It worked great for 1500 rounds or so, then I noticed my shots were off and noticed the rear sight is wiggling in the dovetail. It moves back and forth a few centimeters or so. Not sure what I did wrong but I can't afford another sight. Is there anything I can do to fix it, did I file too much on it?
  4. Thanks for the advice all, the very close ones I was double tapping, but I felt like I was getting a site picture on both my shots for the rest of the targets; but for some reason was always low on my second one. But who knows it was all a blur trying to remember to not break 180, reload, move here, nerves etc... looks like I just need to slow down on my next match and make sure I get my hits, then start to speed up. Appreciate the advice!
  5. I have a Glock 34, stock except for a SS recoil spring and 13# recoil spring. First off I had a blast and can't wait to improve each time out. One thing I noticed is on each USPSA silhouette target my first shot would usually be in the A zone and then my second one was always low. Even on the targets that were very close. Is this due to my trigger controll, grip, recoil spring? Just not sure what I need to work on or correct to fix this. Thanks!
  6. I'm going to buy a SS guide rod and reduced power recoil spring 13# or 14# in my Glock 34. I have never done this. Do I need to get a lightened striker or lighter striker spring to counteract that? Or will the stock ones be sufficient? I shoot 124 gr manufactured ammo if that matters. Thanks.
  7. Perfect that answers my question thanks guys. With you changing your guide rod and different spring weights did you have to change your striker spring or is it ok to leave that stock if I have a 13 or 14# recoils spring ?
  8. I'm about to get into the world of USPSA, I have a G34. My question is are the mag extensions, like the TTI ones really worth it? I know I only have 2 ounces to work with, so with grip plug, talon grips, dawson sights I don't know if they are worth it. After watching videos of matches it seems people reload way before they hit the 15 round mark anyway. It really comes down to if I want the basepads or SS guide rod because having both I believe would put me over the weight and push me to limited, which I don't want to do. Just need some advice from you guys. Thanks.
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