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  1. It’s almost too good to be true. My gen 3 G19 measured at 6.75 lb on the same gauge after the 25c trigger job and thousands of rounds. I measured a 4.5lb on a Colt CQB 1911 and 5.0lb on a Springfield Operator and STI Duty One. Comparatively, these are brand new guns. I’m as surprise as you are.
  2. We tried out California living but it wasn’t for us. Was in LA for 2 years and Huntington Beach for 2. Moves to Texas last year and could not be happier. Hang in there my friend.
  3. Just an update. After trying out all of the guns listed I ended up picking up a G19.5, a G17.5 and a P-10C. I appreciate the G34 but didn’t want to own one again. My wife came out to help me shoot/shop and we ended up getting a couple of LCP II and a 22/45 as well. She shots the LCP II really well. Trigger pulls: G19.5 @4.5lb, G17.5@4.7lb, P-10C @5.5lb, LCP II @6.0lb, 22/45 @5.5lb. It has been a great week for me. Thank you all for your input.
  4. I get what you're saying, the gen 4 mos's are now less expensive than gen 5. I was at the NRA convention earlier today and did not find any aftermarket triggers for gen 5 (booo). Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Why did you choose the 19 over 17?
  5. Thanks for your feedback Floater. I noticed that G17.4 mos are selling at a great price right now. It may not be an option if you definitely want a gen 5 though.
  6. Good point. I had the same concern but haven’t had a chance to shot the G19.5. The cutout didn’t bother me when I handled the gun at the shop and after owning some subcompacts, I’m okay with shooting without a tight pinky grip.
  7. Help me pick the right Glocks. A little about me, my current ccw is a gen 3 G19 that I've been carrying for years. I've owned different types of handguns and sold most during my last move as I discovered that I love the 1911 and the Glock platforms. I sold my gen 4 G34 during the "get out of Cali move" and although the full size grip fits my hand better, I don't remember shooting it much better than my G19. The trigger on my G19.3 is pretty great. I'm now looking at picking up 2 or 3 compact size pistols for ccw and a full size pistol for range and USPSA (CO/Production) The contenders for the compact are: G19.5, G19.4 mos and CZ P-10C. My initial thought is picking up the G19.5 (the new hotness, no finger grooves, better trigger than gen 4) and the P-10C (great trigger, FS and similar to a G19 but different) but I do like the idea of running a ccw with a rmr and a G19.4 mos would be the cheapest option to do so. I'm pretty frugal so paying $200 to get the rmr slide cut isn't for me. I would love to get some feedback from people who has rmr on their carry gun as well as those who owned both gen 4 and gen 5 G19. For the full size pistol, I'm pretty much set on the G34.5 but please change my mind. Would I be better of with a G34.4 mos or a G17.4 mos due to the availability of aftermarket triggers and mods? I've handled and dry fired some but unfortunately, I can't find any local range with Gen 5s for me to rent. TIA
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