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    DK Triggers?

    I've got 6 DK triggers. I have 4 competiton kit triggers and 2 defensive kit triggers. I've shot thousands of rounds in competition with the DK trigger and never once had an issue with any of them. In my opinion they are the best trigger on the market. I should be on a commission basis. I know 3 people that have bought one from him based on trying out my G34 with the competiton kit trigger. I'm just waiting on the Get 5 version to install in a new G17 Gen 5. If Dan would quit screwing around working another job, I'd probably have one by now, lol.
  2. When I ordered mine they sent an email before shipping asking what kind of trigger I have and pull weight. I have a DK Custom trigger and the pull weight is about 3Lb. The Dry Fire mag is pretty close on the pull weight and works good. Obviously, it doesn't replicate live fire. I think it may be more physiological help than anything else. You feel the trigger pull and hear the reset click. So, it makes dry fire a little more interesting. If you're practicing transitions it is more fun to at least pull the trigger and hear it reset than saying "bang, bang, bang" in your mind with a dead trigger.
  3. Well, after reading the thread I just had to have one. Ordered it the other day and got a nice email back today asking what kind of trigger I have, pull weight, etc. Looking forward to putting it to work.
  4. Yep, I put the 11.5# on my Shadow and went to the range to try it out. After a hundred or so rounds I didn't notice the difference. Went through 200 rounds with no light strikes. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for the information. I have the 11.5# spring sitting on my workbench, but trigger is so nice I hate to screw with it. That said, I need reliability. Not much fun starting every stage with a "no bang". I ordered the CZC firing pin and spring and will give that a try when I get it.
  6. I ended up getting a KKM 40 to 9 barrel. I have KKM on a couple of my other guns. The first thing I noticed is the weight difference with conversion barrel. It is about half again thicker then the OEM barrel. Shot a couple of hundred rounds out of the 35 with conversation barrel with no problems.
  7. Rowdy, I have been getting light strikes with my SP01 Tactical. Sounds like the same problem the OP stated. I have the 8.5 hammer spring in the gun and a 11.5# sitting here. I know this is a subjective question, but in your opinion is there really much difference in the feel on the first shot when decocked between the 8.5 and 11.5? I could just put it in and see for myself, but I'm really lazy today.
  8. I'm thinking about getting a 9mm conversion barrel for my G35 and have a couple of questions: Is there an actual "conversion" barrel or will any 9mm barrel work? Is there anything else that needs to be done to convert it. And the last one......Does a conversion barrel setup work (function) well in a G35? I've seen some post on other forum that indicated some folks were not happy with the outcome. Experienced input would be welcomed. SWH
  9. I'm having the same light strike problem with my SP01 Tactical. It has the CGW pro package installed with their extended firing pin and lightened FP spring. It has the 8.5# main spring and 11# recoil spring. I reload using only Federal primers. It is not an all the time deal, just occasionally, but strangely enough, it seems I only get the light strike on the first round when starting from the decocked position (as in the start of a stage). Slide lock reloads are no problem, goes bang everytime. Question - From the posts above I can see the logic of trying the CZC extended firing pin, but should I continue to use the lightened firing pin spring from CGW or get a new one from CZC?
  10. With the Blue Bullet 147 you have to watch the weights. I was practicing at the range some months ago and felt like my loads were hotter than normal. A friend of mine was chronoing in the next bay so we shot my loads over his chrono. They were all hot with a PF of 135-137. What the hell?? Went home and checked everything and all was good with my set up, so I started weighting the bullets. The 147gr bullets all weighted 149-151, but the average was 150. Typically with my G34 using 3.4gr of WSF I get a PF of 128-130 depending on temperature. Just for the hell of it I made up some rounds with Blues and 3.2gr of WSF and got a PF of 130. I called Blue Bullets and asked if they knew the weights were off on the high side and they told me yes they knew the 147 was high. They said some shooters like them that way so they weren't changing anything. Not a big deal, but my issue with it is I like to know exactly what I'm loading and no surprises. If they weight 150, then tell me that. Probably my bad for not weighting them to start with.
  11. I load a lot of Blue Bullets 147gr. Lately I've been averaging about 2,500 rounds per month. The last lot I got from them weight in the 149.5 - 151 range, most were right around 150.0. I don't weight them all (like duh?), but I've been weighting 3-4 every time I load up the bullet tray. At least they are consistently overweight. I have some Bayou and SNS 147 also. I weighted about 10-15 of each of them and they were very consistently around 147 (+/- 0.1-0.3). My standard 147gr load is 3.4gr WSF at an OAL 1.14. I just started loading with this lot of bullets, so I haven't had a chance to chrono them yet, but has to have some effect.
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