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  1. Ordered a casefeeder and accessories for my 550 from Brian's site on Sunday - got it today! As usual, great service. Thanks Brian!
  2. During some recent update for my Norton 360, I found that it had created folders and categories for my web site logins (no, it didn't bother to ask if I wanted them). What really torqued me was that my logins for sites like BE, Brownells, DawsonPrecision and USPSA were moved to a folder called "Weapons" I posted a note on the Norton Forum explaining the pejorative nature of the "Weapons" category and requesting they rename it, but don't expect much in the way of action. At least the reply told me how to remove the categories and blaming the names and sorting on the developers. /rant off/
  3. I have old eyes, so I mounted a 2" round mirror on my 550B. The mirror was $5.00 from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co...ils_o01_s00_i00 I mounted it using a cable strap and an 8-32 screw and nut. I hesitated to drill a hole in the press, but it is a very small one.
  4. I've purchased from Natchez Shooters Supplies http://www.natchezss.com/ They sometimes have pretty good prices on primers.
  5. Most of the Dillon manuals are available on their website. Here is the die manual which shows how to disassemble them. A little solvent, elbow grease and a light coating of oil should get them back in shape. http://www.dillonhelp.com/manuals/english/Dillon-Die-Instructions-May-2007.pdf Good luck!
  6. +100 Over the last 4 years I have incrementally added to my 550B setup - I've ordered 7 different quick change setups, die sets, and accessories. In every case Brian treated me like I was his only customer. He went out of his way to save me money and insure I had the right components to do the job. He even called me several times when I first started reloading and helped me avoid a lot of startup headaches. All of my orders have been processed quickly and arrive quickly. While you may be frustrated with your last two orders, the title "Dillon orders always delayed" seems unreasonable. I've placed multiple orders from good, reputable companies and had later orders shipped first. Sometimes it can be a delay in credit card processing, one item missing to complete the order, or those nasty gremlins that mess everything up. The point is that you seem to have placed blame on Brian without all of the information. If you believe that Brian has not done well by you, by all means go somewhere else. But understand that MANY of us have had great experiences with him and will continue to appreciate his outstanding customer service. Scott
  7. So I decided to begin shooting Limited with a G24. I already have a 10mm setup for my 550B, but am too lazy to keep adjusting dies and powder bar to convert to .40 and back again. So I decide to use some recently acquired birthday funds to purchase a complete setup for .40. I get on Brian's site and order the Deluxe Quick Change Kit and .40 Pistol Dies. I even note that I already have a 10mm setup, so I won't need shellplate or locator buttons. Later in the day (after work hours) Brian sends me an email that he added the powder funnel, since it would be trapped inside the toolhead on the 10mm setup. I had forgotten about the powder funnel. I would have figured it out in a few days, then would have had to place another order where the shipping was half the cost of the item. Instead, Brian saved me the trouble by anticipating my needs. Another reason why I always order from him. Thanks Brian!
  8. I have 2 Ruger 10/22 rifles with Bushnell Trophy Red/Green 1x28mm scopes that work very well. They are around $90.00 and include the Weaver rings that will work on the 10/22 scope mount. There may be better quality or higher priced options, but the Trophy models are just what I needed for plinking and small animal control.
  9. From British Officer Evaluations: "This man is depriving some village of an idiot" "You'll' be lucky if you have this officer work for you" "Works very well when sober" "His men follow him out of mere curiosity" "Has the potential, with close supervision, to become a marginally satisfactory performer"
  10. Hi, Tried "DL5" moments ago, with no joy. Thanks
  11. Tried DLR today on a $230.00 order - no joy, then tried DMM - still no joy. Thanks anyway!
  12. Joel Peters of Peters Custom. Perfectionist & good shooter. He's worked on several of my 1911s and his work is always fantastic. http://peterscustom.com/
  13. MT_Bear


    It's in Ogden, at the old Union Station on Wall Street. I plan to visit again next time I go back to see family.
  14. I got mine at Max's Choice (as in Max Michel Sr.) at http://maxschoice.com/ Their web site was hacked a couple of weeks ago, but they have got the site up and mostly functional. Great service - great prices - fast shipment.
  15. +1 on the Dawson - I have them on 3 single stacks and my Glock 34. I chose red fiber, but they include green. Wonderful for my aging eyes!
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