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  1. I would like to participate 3 man/ 3 gun event and I am also looking to team up with somebody. If you still need team mates for this event please let me know. Anyone else who is in need of team mates please let me know. My email is on my profile so you can "shoot" me an email. Best regards, Micki sent you an email..............
  2. starting at 8am for the AM folks or 30 min early at 730; heard rumors of an early start?
  3. What's the best way to check that out? Online somewhere maybe? All........I live just north of the wreck site. Its a mess. Go here for updates: http://ww2.tdot.state.tn.us/tsw/smartmap.htm?city=Nashville The exit where this happened is the Peytonsville Road exit off of I 65; it impacts both north and south bound traffic. There are options around it but it will take longer using them.
  4. I'm facing a 6 hour drive on Sunday to go home.......4, 4 and 1 sounds good to me
  5. Highs-great match, unbelievable sponsor/vendor support, great RO's and as always Rockcastle is hard to beat. Ditto on the weather being better than last year Lows-I saw to ND's/AD's; one involved a handgun that was discharged into the berm as it was being picked up from a table the other was a rifle discharged into the air in the midst of two squads that were moving between stages. The first was a stage DQ; the second a match DQ Suggestions-no outside food vendor this year; I'd think having one or two food trucks would be good for the host, sponsors and shooters. Overall; a great match......will be back again next year.
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