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  1. Sounds like a few good dry fire sessions would probably fix the issue. I shoot production and so it's just get the Stock 2 out the holster. I suspect that's exactly what you would find. You may need to play around with the precise positioning and alignment of the holster so that the slot is in line with a natural arm motion for you. If my DAA magnetic gets knocked cattywumpus, then I'll start having a lot of resistance on draws and reholstering. But when it's correctly adjusted, and now that I've got the move ingrained, I feel it's better and faster than with my old low-cut bladetech.
  2. Sounds like a few good dry fire sessions would probably fix the issue. I shoot production and so it's just get the Stock 2 out the holster.
  3. Thanks, the holster issues is the main reason I don't shoot open right now. I will go to holster and it's like the magnetic block is in the wrong position and so I have to pull the button in the back up or down then re holster and lock it. It's simply real finicky
  4. I've got a DAA magnetic holster for my open gun but I've had issues with it locking and staying in. The gun actually fell out at a charity match after unload and show clear and got me a DQ. Anyone using something different? Did you have to do any adjusting with the DAA? Thanks Gump
  5. I shot Bayou 147's for 2 years and they are great. Recently switched to the 124's and like them a little better. Both are accurate but the 124's have a little more snap but in a good way. The S2 is already a heavy gun so the recoil is manageable with both but the 147s are more a "soft push" felt recoil to me. I think it just depends on the shooters preference.
  6. I certainly hope and actually believe that Mosher and BPSA will hold a L2 match whether it be this year or next or whenever. I think we have a lot of LA shooters that shoot MS matches and vice Versa and with the popularity of both the Classic and the Gator, another L2 match in this area would be great.
  7. 9 total including myself I thought is was 41? Did you leave some of us out? Your check bounced so I left yours out:-)
  8. Gump, how many apps did you carry up to Jackson? I'm hearing crazy numbers thrown around, I said lets just ask the man. What do you mean "crazy numbers" thrown around? It was a hand full of apps. I didn't read it as each person must mail or deliver their own app, some just hitched a ride with me Thursday night since I was going and I didn't get the app before 8:00 that night in case anyone was wondering. Simply did what I thought was needed to guarantee I shoot this major match
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