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  1. Is your Gold Custom in 9mm? Nope, .38 super
  2. I love the scale grips, they really are the perfect width in my opinion
  3. I noticed right out of the box you could feel the little ridges on the barrel and guide rod left by the lathe when you cycled the slide, so I polished them with increasing grit until I got a mirror finish with 2500 grit sand paper. The slide cycles like it's on ball bearings now Hmmmmm, I've never thought polishing barrel. I've polished feed ramp and smoothed out barrel hood when I was having some feeding issues, guess now I got a reason to do more tinkering, lol:-)
  4. When you say you polished the guide rod and barrel, where on those parts and how do they help cycle better? Those are some nice trigger pull weights:-)
  5. VERY NICE!!! I bet that DA feels good
  6. Cause Nealio doesn't actually go to the range.... That's no Bueno
  7. Yes, very much so. They just seem to be the perfect width or at least for my hands. The EG grips may be a tad more grippy but even with being hot and hands sweat I feel these won't slip out my hands and course I use liquid grip. No issues of any extra dirt or anything cuz of the holes either. For $85 bucks I think they're great. On a side note I did a polish and trigger job after I got it yesterday evening. Changed springs, firing pin, etc etc and went and got sighted in this morning. DA is around 6.5# and SA is around 2.75#, ran 250 rounds of practice ammo which didn't case gauge my Hundo perfectly and gun ran flawless using 8# long slide recoil spring (only extra recoil springs I had were long slides). Was very happy I didn't have any FTF like I did when first got Stock III's
  8. Well I finally have my identical twins I've wanted!!! Time to go throw few hundred rounds thru the new one today and break it in and test for its first match tomorrow:-)
  9. So how much difference in the front of holster where it seems the front opening/cutout is lower than blade tech? I don't know how else to explain but in the front where it's cutout. Does it help getting holster out quicker but does it keep gun inside as firmly as blade tech?
  10. Does anyone have a pair of the old style wood grips that they would trade for a pair of the new ones? I will pay shipping costs. Or add a little something since the older ones seem more popular than the new ones. Thanks Gump
  11. So these are new comps? No popple holes needed on the barrel?
  12. Yea, it will. This was before I knew a lot about Tanfos inner workings
  13. I ran across old video from last year with my Stock II's. Nealio and Atlas remember this. If you take too much off the disco wing you can get a super light DA trigger but reliability goes out the door, lol
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