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  1. Wow. I really like that. Your right the limitation on number of shooting positions really limits option on short and medium courses. I like IPSC's idea. Makes those C and D's a bigger penalty when points are limited.
  2. Done a search and just not a lot on this versus a std long dust cover. Considering it for a limited build. Ok it’s 2 oz heavier but how’s it shoot?
  3. This weekend I loaded 4.1 gr of sport pistol with 200 gr Gallant FP bullets at 1.170 and got 176 PF with ES of 14 and STD dev of 6. This is out of a 5” Freedom Gunworks 2011. I think I’m going to end up at 3.9. For comparison I am at 4.0 gr WST for 169. It was 65 yesterday.
  4. wow, that stage would really put a premium on points.
  5. Kind of what I was thinking. Less stages with 4 eight shot positions
  6. What do people mean when they say “more IPSC” style stages? Pls explain.
  7. I think some 00 shot, tungston powder and epoxy will work just fine for this.
  8. Not sure if this is the answer your seeking but as a newer shooter and new to competition as well I would start in limited with a striker fired gun simply to take variables out of the equation so you can focus on shooting the stage and targets. One reload per stage (max) less gun manipulation less to think about. More money left over to take training classes or practice. Get into C class and then decide what division appeals to you.
  9. having shot SS, if i were to start over I would go 9mm and not look back because stages (especially at the level 2 and higher) are set up to shoot 1st of 8th shot on steel in a position meaning unless you are 1:1 on steel (nearly all the time) the extra rounds are an advantage. Local (level 1 matches) see to be set up for production (10 rounds and reload) and screw up stage plans limited to 8 rounds. Id say the advantage is 70:30 in favor of 9mm / 10 rounds.
  10. It should have a Bomar type rear sight. I see people moving from production to limited on this.
  11. dielectric grease is an insulator. Why would you apply it to your battery connections?
  12. Sorry to bump this topic back up but what if I filled the empty blackstrap of my Glock with a tungsten epoxy mix. It wouldn’t extend below the grip. Grip plugs are allowed.
  13. Hows this gun shoot compared to say am SP01 shadow? Im looking to set up a CO gun and wondering if its worth the extra 500
  14. Wow, cant believe this is Aug 19, two months later. Want can I say but "fail". My free time has been almost zero over these two months. I can give 20 excuses why but I don't suppose that's relevant. I now find myself facing the question "Is A class good enough?" Who else has faced that question and how did you respond?
  15. Cant we just weld up the LCI? Problem solved?
  16. 135 with Titegroup. 130pf
  17. I set up a Gen5 G34 for CO also. Ejection always bothered me. Cases ejected but wouldn’t make it much further than my feet. Only thing that fixed it was an Apex Gen3 extractor. Now a good 5-6 feet to 4:00
  18. Day 1: 6/18. The draw. Not a big deal when it comes to stage performance but the base on many of these drills. Ben suggest 0.7 par time. I found I could comfortably cruise into an Alpha in 0.9: Pushing myself to 0.8 was hit or miss. Literally. Overall, not a bad start. Will continue to work on this and getting a more consistent grip every time. I think I have a lot of time to gain REACTING to the buzzer. Does anyone else feel they draw slower with LIVE ammo versus a mag full of training rounds????
  19. Yup. That’s me too. Same as putting second shot into the hardcover on a zebra. Already looking at what I’m going to do next.
  20. Seriously probably 4-5 years. Major. Several classes notably with Manny Brag and Ben Stoeger. And of course being in Colorado the Big Panda.
  21. This will be my Dry Fire journal. So after this weeks local match and reviewing results I realize I have “plateaued”. My movement is good and my time is where they should be given that I am 53 but I’m giving up to many points. More about me, Already stated I’m 53 and have average to slightly better agility. Probably above average strength for my age. Weakness is definitely my vision and between my ears. My eyes are -9 with astigmatism. My dominant left eye has also had a large floater which I just had broken up with the first of two treatments. That helped. Also learned I have slight cataracts and will like be having that surgery soon. I shoot In Limited with a little SS thrown in around the Western States SS match. I know people will say I should switch to a dot but I’ll like the 1911/2011. My classification in LTD is sitting at a solid 77% with my two lowest of 8 being 71 and 72. When everything goes right I can get to 75-80 percent of GM hit factor on a stage but that is too infrequent. I’ll have too many stages with the unexplained Mike on an open target, and a load of Cs to ever score well in a match, My my goals are two fold: first, make Master before it’s too late (I’m thinking that’s 55) and second improve my match performance. Improving my match performance to me would be shooting 90% of available points after penalties. Doing that at my current speed will I think provide satisfactory match results. So let the Dry Fire begin. I’ve got Bens book and this journal will be my journey through the book and my progress. We’ve got three months until this years Nationals in Saint George. Plenty of time. Let’s get too it!
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