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  1. I'm getting back into the game after a few years off and am in the process of setting up my Glock G45 for ESP division in IDPA. Any recommendations as to which magwells will (when installed) allow my pistol to fit in the box? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the pointers! I was using straight lead 135gr bullets with VV N320 powder.
  3. It was definitely a lot of fun! I was just bummed I made so many mistakes. I've been shooting too much IDPA lately and kept unintentionally running the pistol dry, even though it wasn't part of my stage plan. Hopefully someone can pick out some other issues for me to work on.
  4. I have to agree with your post. I too live near Pittsburgh and have ordered numerous items from them, as they continually impress me with their excellent customer service.
  5. Was the CZ a new purchase? If so, do you plan on switching over from the glock? I've been thinking of switching to a CZ platform to mix things up a bit. Enjoying the range diary and looking forward to more posts btw.
  6. Should be a good one. Have fun! I will be working one of the stages, and will make sure to heckle you!
  7. Shot an IDPA match yesterday and was hoping to get some pointers from you folks. I'm hoping to hit SSP master in the next 2 years, so I really want to fix any bad habits as soon as possible. Thanks!
  8. I shot in SSR/Master. Reloading a revolver in the dark is fun I couldn't see either sight on that stage. All I could see my hands and the back of the gun, so I just pointed and shot. On the last set I tried to stay away from the NT and shot a pair of 3's. I should of just went for the head. Yikes! I couldn't imagine shooting that stage with a revolver! Would've been a good stage to have night sights on huh? Not that you could see the targets anyways.
  9. I guess you could mail it to the MD in that situation. I just noticed they updated my classification on the IDPA site, which is awesome considering I didn't get my card signed....despite being there for awards.
  10. Thanks Jim! See you at the state match.
  11. I have have been using small pistol magnum primers in my 9mm minor loads the last few matches without any issues.
  12. Had to replay that video quite a few times...I blinked and missed what happened! I definitely see what you mean now. Time to start dryfiring!
  13. Will IDPA still update my classification when they send the scores to HQ? I noticed they listed the match win on the members area of the IDPA site, but haven't updated my classification yet. The candle light stage was crazy! I lucked out with 0 down on the first stage, but ended up dropping 6 points on the second. Definitely the most nerve racking stages for me. What division/class did you shoot in?
  14. Thanks for the help! When I transition with my knees, are you suggesting I move my feet move as well, or stay planted? I never even thought about that point and am excited to work on that issue the next match like this. I think it is easier for me to aim with my body/knees and acquire a proper point of aim on large stages with movement, ports, etc. I (obviously) have trouble with that when I am in a shooting box with targets more centered in front of me. Thanks again for the help! I will be working on visual patience the next few weeks.
  15. Shot a fun steel match at the local club last week and was looking for some advice on how I could improve. It took me 19 rounds to clear 12 steel. My time was 14 seconds flat, and I know I should be able to clear the stage much faster. Thanks in advance for any tips! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_34w0pfnOxg
  16. Had the pleasure of shooting a great match with great people today at Lewistown Pistol Club's "Think of the Children" match! Got bumped to SSP expert and had a blast! I want to thank the staff for running a great match for a awesome cause.
  17. Not a bad idea. I happen to have a cooler that would work well. Thanks for the tip!
  18. Thank you for the advice folks! I'm not as concerned with the mental/physical aspect of the situation, as I am with the issue of keeping my equipment/ammo dry and good to go. Thanks again for all the pointers folks!
  19. I didn't know what section to post this topic in, so I stuck it in IDPA since this is refering to an IDPA sanctioned match this weekend. I will be competing this Sunday, and from the looks of it, the Friday and Saturday shooters will be shooting in the sun...the Sunday shooters will be soaked. I have yet to shoot a match in this type of weather, and I am looking for advice from forum members on how to handle the situation. I would certainly switch to Saturday if I could, but this is not an option. Anyone here have any experience shooting a major match in the rain? Thanks!
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