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  1. I will give them a call. Hope too get more info on replacement mag. spring.. Wilson Combat customer service has helped me in the past.
  2. I emailed wilson combat and they replied that I will need to go to aftermarket for replacement mag springs. So wilson does not sell replacement themself. Bogus.
  3. mildot1 Sweet looking pistol. What was used for the finish on it. ?? What colors ??
  4. Ordered a digial camo belt holster for my Para P16-40. Placed order sun. Got it on thurs. Yes 5 days.!! i used the slowest method of shipping also I am in pittsburgh,pa. Will order again from COMP-TAC. Outstanding. holster and customer.
  5. Need to replace the mag springs for my wilson combat kz-45 full size.pistol What mag springs will work for my mags ?? For you kz-45 owners out there want did you use for replacements for the factory springs ?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Got my order 2 days after order was placed. Will order from SC again.
  7. Thanks for the reply H.P.JACK. NO I have not tried the dot torture drills. Will look that up. I got a WILSON COMBAT KZ45 FULL SIZE. And a PARA P16-40 LIMITIED GUN BUILT BY GANS. Not reloading do not have room for the equip. Hope to some day. Also got my eye on the STI EDGE in either 9 or 40.
  8. Hello from pa. Long time fellow shooter that finally joined Brians forum. Hope too get tips too improve my shooting skills.
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