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  1. Ive had to modify my grip for the bursitis in my right thumb. You just have to try different things until something works. Ive resorted to a steroid injection a day or two before a match and its great
  2. Update. Installed it and with the helicoil mod to the die holder, it's every bit as tight as my Co-ax single stage. Runout is <.001 and I couldn't be more impressed.
  3. Exactly. The runout was extreme, round to round, even without rotating the shell carrier, on my 650. Ogive measurements differed +/- .002. My co-ax won't fit on my current bench so I'm looking to convert with this addon to replace a single stage. Looking for bench rest performance out of a 650 and just wanted to see if anyone has done it.
  4. I have limited space. Not limited product knowledge re: single stage presses.
  5. Has anyone tried one? I wanted to see what king of runout this thing puts out for precision loads.
  6. I needed this lesson. Thanks for sharing the wisdom.
  7. Jeff puts on and organizes the best matches. You won't be disappointed.
  8. BCM if I'm running a can or good ol mil spec if I'm not. The only time I've benefited from the tactical types is while wearing gloves. To mee they're just something to snag things on or dig in to my back when slung or doing transitions.
  9. Wilson Combat or Satern. 18" seems to be the best practical size, unless he plans on Prairie Dogging long distance. Medium profile is handier, unless it's planned to need rapid fire strings without getting some flex.
  10. Seekins or Wilson Combat T.R.I.M.
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