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  1. So open registration is tomorrow? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I own several and they have replaced clay bird holders for practice. Only way to go for pistol and shotgun.
  3. Any slings needed at this match? My first time making it out here.
  4. I gave this a try with both the epoxy and the JB weld on some old a2 grips. The prep work is important. I masked off the upper part of the grip so I could see about how clean the lines were. Both stuck the blasting grit I had well. The epoxy masking peeled away perfectly after the curing had set up over night. The JB weld, you will want to peel the masking off before it cures. I did not and i pulled a chunk loose well past the masking line. Other parts were left under the weld and it wasn't straight lines. If I use JB Weld, I will pull masking off much earlier as described above. Both seem to be holding onto the grit really well. Mixing the JB weld was easier but applying it with the credit card putty knife was just a hair more challenging than painting on the epoxy. I am getting some finer grits and will try again. I am looking to see if I can almost match the color that Zev uses on their grips. I like the slightly grey look.
  5. I can switch and use my limited rifle. ...but what fun is that?
  6. Josh, Are you using the 2 part JB weld Clear epoxy? Do you thin it down with denatured alcohol? I was getting instructions from KB at your range this summer. I had just picked up most of what I need, I have blasting media but not sure of the grit.
  7. I'll drift with ya, but just for a little bit and will try to keep it with this topic. The reload started when he went to grab for his magazine as he stated in his post. "I went for a mandatory rifle reload and squeezed off a round before releasing the mag" So here, since he said I was reloading when this happened, he was in the "reload". I think the "when does the reload start" is an area that is not as easily defined but in this topic, it is. When would you say his reload started?
  8. I see the difference being you were aiming and intending to hit the target. Here, he slipped, while the weapon was out of the pocket, head looking else where and not aiming at a target. He also has stated that he was trying to hit mag release and hit the trigger instead, he was in the reloading process (2.2.4).
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