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  1. Thanks to everyone that was a part of the match! Great sponsors, super setup crew, stage designer, fantastic ROs, and classy competitors! Thanks to Justin for that video. I would post one of me shooting the rifle, but someone might die laughing Oh and thanks again to Cheryl for those Grand Master Class Brownies and Cookies! Thanks to everyone that lent a hand with tear down! This match was one of the more enjoyable for me because we were all able to go home while it was still daylight Cindy
  2. The match is coming up fast! We will be setting up beginning this weekend and finish up next week. The weather forecast looks good for the match. We still have slots, so any of you last minute guys can drop me an email here and I will be happy to get you in the match. Cindy P.S. Ronnie, let me know about that birthday party and we will work with you on it!
  3. +1 on that! Egil always had a smile. Here's to you, Egil! RIP
  4. Stage Designs are approved! The entry fee for the match will not be going up until November 1st, so anyone that is getting ready to send in money, please send in $125 until November 1st. I should have the entry form corrected soon. I know a lot of you have been doing other things and October is a busy month! We have added several sponsors to our list: Noveske, Benchmade, MGM Targets and Atlanta Arms & Ammmo and I am working on a few others!
  5. Yes, we are using the Conyers La Quinta as our match hotel. Just enter 'glock' in the coupon code and you will get a discount. Their website is here.
  6. Great News! Nordic Components has once again stepped up to be our Match Sponsor! We also have Shooter's Connection, Brownells, CPWSA, STI, UniqueTek, and we are looking for a host of others! Stage designs are almost finished! Come on out and play. I have attached the fill in entry form or you can go to the Area 6 website and get it there. Entry_Form_ 2010_A6_MGun_Fillin_distributed.pdf
  7. Here's the announcement and attached entry form. Come out and shoot with us this year! November 12-14 at South River Gun Club in Covington GA. For directions, visit the SRGC site. We will have more about the stages as we progress but be prepared for rifle shots out to 200 yards. Entry Form: 2010_A6_MGun.pdf Any sponsors interested in signing on for this match, please Email me.
  8. Okay guys! It is sounding like we may have a crew for this one after all! We had a good response to our requests for help at the pistol match yesterday. We are still looking at the 2nd weekend in November for the match and would be doing most setup the weekend prior to the match. We would finish setup the Wed/Thurs before the match. I will also need RO volunteers. A formal announcement will be coming once we firm up some of this. Cindy
  9. You mean you have to be going to a match to get a new rifle? And to think I have been doing it wrong for all these years. No sir, I am trying to figure out the remaining major matches that I can attend this year outside of some local matches and Fort Benning. Im trying to talk a new AR manufacturer into building me a pink gun for me to shoot at various matches, not only to help me out with the rifle, but to help them out promoting their rifles. If I could say " I will be shooting Ft Benning, Area 6 multigun Championship, Creeside's Tac rifle championships, East Alabama's 3 gun match, South River 3gun, and other local matches " it would be helpful to my cause, and theirs. Oooh, I like Pink guns South River is still in the 'maybe' column, but our major problem is that we must have more of a commitment for setup help prior to the match. Last year we had very few volunteers and just about worked Larry and Chuck to death. We need about 10 or more people to step up to the plate and agree to help us with setting up the match the weekend before and a couple of days just prior to match day. A tentative date for the match would be November 12-14. Ya'll check your calendars...
  10. GAPEACH?!! Why am I logged onto Cindy's userid?!?!?! Last post was from Bill....
  11. Q's related to a local monthly match (major matches answered separately in a different post -- later) How does your club use EZWinscore for match registration? Standard facilities used; most competitors are returniing and are registered from masternames.db. New competitors get automatically saved into masternames.db for next time. Do you pre-register days/weeks before the match, or do you enter competitors the day of the match? Day of the match. Do you use Palm's? No. Do you use multiple machines (master/slave) to enter scores? For a local 1-day match? No, no need. Does somebody enter scores while the match is going? Most times yes (me!), sometimes no. Does somebody take home all the scoresheets and enters all of the scores after the match? When we haven't scored at the range, of course, yes, what else? Do you use the checkboxes in the verification for stats pages? Yes, of course. Either that, or print out verify sheets. You HAVE to verify your data entry, else you're not completely doing your job. Do you use a mouse often or try to keep your hands on the keyboard? Score entry can be done entirely from keyboard using competitor numbers. Honestly, people, there's nothing wrong with having to use a mouse for some things. I's...WINDOWS. It's MEANT to be used with a mouse! Picking people out of masternames.db to register isn't tedious, it isn't "time-consuming", it isn't "painstaking:. It's simple. Do you handle DQ's as they come in, or only at the end of the match? I save them up in a "hassle" folder, along with PF changes. (I learned that from Joy Hyden while scoring the nationals.) Do you have to be paranoid about matching entry forms with shooter numbers because of EZWinScore's issues with RE-ENTRY? What issues? Re-entry works fine when used as designed and documented. I register everyone's "for match" entries first. Only then will I register any classifier reshoots.
  12. Just an update on slots for you. Looks like all my Sat/Sun slots are full. There are a few all day Saturday ones remaining and plenty of all day Friday slots. Thanks to all the shooters for the early response! Remember, you can still get the Techwear shirt, it will just get sent to you after the match. Thanks, Cindy
  13. I'm sitting here at registration in the hotel. The hotel happy hour was great! And I really needed it after ending the match on Stage 3. Randal really outdid himself with that one! We had great weather and a bunch of fun stages! I got to shoot with Singlestack and IMA45DV8 along with a bunch of guys from Alabama. Looks like great weather for the shooters tomorrow too. Don't forget those knee pads, actually, you might want a butt pad! Cindy
  14. Hello Everyone, The date to make sure you receive a match Competitor Techwear shirt AT THE MATCH is fast approaching (March 1st)! We have the design for the shirt here:. Competitors can still order the shirt until April 1, but the shirt will be mailed to you. The shirt really looks great! TECHWEAR! For information, just see the previous post about the shirts. Email me here to let me know you want the shirt and will pay the upgrade fee at the match or send it to me as described in the previous post. See you in April! Cindy P.S. ROs don't need to let me know anything, unless you DON'T want the shirt. Here is a picture of the staff shirt:
  15. Great News! Techwear has come on board as a major sponsor! They have agreed to do our staff shirts! They are also going to make competitor shirts for us. Here is the deal: If you haven't sent in your registration, be sure to get the one here: Landscape 2010_Area6_entry_fillin.pdf. If you have already sent in your entry and you want to get the Techwear shirt instead of the polo shirt that comes with your entry, you MUST let me know by March 1st to be able to pick the shirt up at the match. After that date and by April 1st, if you want the Techwear shirt, you can still order it but we will have to mail it to you. There is a $20 up-charge for the Techwear shirt before March 1st and after that date, the up-charge is $25 to include the mailing fee. If you have already sent in your entry, to let me know you want the Techwear shirt - just fill out the entry form above with your name and USPSA number, check the box for the Techwear shirt and either (1) send it in with the additional $20 fee, or (2) attach it to an email to me at Email me and put a comment in that you will pay the up-charge at registration. If you want to stick with the Polo, you don't need to do anything. If you are an RO/Staff person for the match you do not need to do anything unless you don't want a Techwear shirt. We should have the stages posted as soon as we get them approved. More later... Cindy Noyes Match Director P.S. I understand some of you are having trouble saving the form to your computer to attach it. If that's not you, ignore the rest of the post. If this is you, then here is how to do it: You need a pdf writer. You can get this free by going here: Free Pdf Writer. This will create a pdf writer icon in your 'Printers' file on your computer. When you finish filling in the form and go to print it, instead of printing it on your regular printer, when the print box appears, just locate the pdf writer icon in your printers file (there should be a drop-down box where you see the printer name that will allow you to select a different printer before clicking 'ok'). Once you select the pdf printer and click 'ok', it will prompt you to tell it where to save your document. Tell it where on your computer to save it and then click 'ok'. Then just attach it to your email and send it in.
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