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  1. Guy's some of you know me the Brit that brings over 50 Uk & Euro shooters to enjoy 3 gun in the USA twice a year (in normal times) - we even held some huge EMPIRE matches at the old SUPS. Do any of you have suggestions for a suitable US range for a huge International 3 gun match in 2022 ? It would need to take 150 + & be near an airport /motels/ect Also needs to be drivable by Canadians. Also any Europeans reading this contact me if your interested in the match (we can provide guns/ammo) , Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.
  2. Was this at the old SUPS range location ?? Who is the range contact for future events ? Thanks !
  3. Any thoughts on ranges Tampa side of Florida ( wives can hit the beaches ! )
  4. Can any one suggest a range in Florida ( any area) that would rent 3/4 bays from a monday to friday - for 3 gun. We are a group from the UK that shoot in the US a couple of times a year, about 40 adults all Ipsc & Uml Our guns are stored by our FFL. We have previously been to Rockcastle, KY , Owensboro,KY , Ancient city , FL & the excellent Sups in Utah a number of times. Of course once covid is squashed & were allowed to trave. Thank you for any suggestions. David.
  5. Ten barrels 12.5" - ready to fit into factory frame. Round profile. Stainless preferred as going into JM929's PM sent
  6. Guy's need some help ! Looking for either a barrel maker or revolver gunsmith that can make a batch of Ten - 12" barrels for 9mm S&W 929 revolvers. Any help or suggestions ? Thanks.
  7. We hit 100 competitors at the 2018 Empire match - Brits , Canadians, Americans , New Zealanders & Auzzies - biggest show of International club level shooters for a 3 gun match - plus a tank , mortar , kill house & other such things from the Evil mind of Brian Nelson. Leave your partner in Vegas & join in the fun in March 2019.
  8. Match starts: March 21, 2019 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: March 23, 2019 @ 4:00 PM Location: 1134 S. Regional Park Road Hurricane, UT 84780 Welcome to the TPC Empire 3 Gun match. This is a match built for those of the current or former British Empire who now suffer from lack of freedom. We built it so they could taste the magic of American western 3 gun. It is produced and operated for you by the folks of the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range. It's done in conjunction with a large UK Shooting event. Partcipation in that event is encouraged but not required. Ken Nelson is the match director and may be contacted at kn+empire19@kennelson.com The match features 9 stages designed by Brian Nelson. His instructions are to make it fun for all, doable for newer competitors, but provide interesting options for more experienced shooters. World class competitors will take about 45 seconds to complete stages, less experienced folks have 3 minutes. This is a 3 Gun match, you will be using 3 guns on most stages. The maximum shotgun round count is 13. The maximum pistol count is 32. And the maximum rifle count is 32 rounds. You can expect moving clays, both on the ground and in the air. The longest shot is 200 yards from a supported position. Divisions are Tactical, Limited, and Open. The match is a 2 day main match (note Fri/Sat timing) + 1 day for early shooters and staff. The main schedule has stage dedicated range officers. Coaching is permitted (encouraged!). A dedicated prize table for 3 places in Division will be done as well as trophies for Top 3 by division and Top Overall Performer in each category.. Other prizes will be given via "Prize Patrol" random method to the squads. The match includes a team component - with teams self-forming and needing 4 members, each of their scores will count. We recommend naming by Country, but any team formation will be welcome. STAFF PACKAGE ----- We welcome your participation as staff. You would shoot Thursday (optionally Wednesday as well). Staff get a free match, a $100 cash stipend, up to $200 travel expense reimbursement, match hotel or $100 towards your own lodging or camping, and a free match shirt. To avoid paying if you are staff register here: https://practiscore.com/tpc-empire-3-gun-match/register/stafforsponsor REFUND POLICY ------------------- No questions asked to 1 month prior to match. After that, our discretion if your situation warrants it (i.e. family death, your death, so forth). View Squadding Time Plus (Points) match, Price: $150 https://practiscore.com/tpc-empire-3-gun-match/register
  9. Any one found a decent kydex holster to fit these ?
  10. The Empire strikes back ! April 13/14th - 2018 Canada , Great Britain, South Africa & Europe challenge the USA to a two day 3GN match at the World famous SUPS range , St George , Utah Stages by Brian Nelson 7 stages of 3 gun & one PCC Plus the official Nordic Components International shotgun match ( 4 stages) buck/bird/slug Lunch & dinner both day's Night call outs in the flood lit arena Limited to 100 x American & 100 International competitors Walk of the prize table for all. Divisions - Standard , Tac Optic, Open $200 (US) match fee for all the above. Loan guns & equipment for any International shooter not able to bring some or all. https://practiscore.com/3gn-uk-sups-colonial-3-gun-match/register
  11. Is any one running MBX mags (9mm) in NON ramped barrel ??
  12. Hump would you mind tell us what you went through to make yours run ? Thanks a lot.
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