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  1. 2019 sign up now live ! https://practiscore.com/tpc-empire-3-gun-match/register
  2. gunfighteruk

    Witness P Match Pro?

    Any one found a decent kydex holster to fit these ?
  3. gunfighteruk

    Witness P match holster ?

    I have one of the newer single action Witness P Match 's in 9mm - does any one know a holster or holster maker that can supply a drop down 3 gun style ? thanks for any advise !
  4. Sorry due to SUPS hosting the Berrys match next weekend we will not know the exact layout until that match is torn down.
  5. Once I have conformation ill post it up - just awaiting final design.
  6. Practiscore had a glitch & a few matches were shown as closed !!! All is fine now . Nordic Components Shotgun side match - round count approx. 80 x birdshot & 10 x slug Main match - 8 stages - approx. round count 150 x 9mm / 150 x 223/80 x 12g birdshot Prize table still growing .
  7. Prize table just got a bit more heavy - Taylor Freelance excellent base pads now added & Patrick E Kelley is shooting the match for them. Still time to sign up & try out your UK , NZ, SA & Canadian accents ! https://www.facebook.com/3GNUKEmpireStrikesBack/
  8. Warne Scope mounts just joined the Tea party ................ nice range of mounts & tools added to the prize table.
  9. Mr Blagger - Mr Nelson will be re naming divisions as we went with originally the Canadian friendly wording ( yes limited) so hope that helps ! Just need the Coffee guy's to bring out an AR Tea.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/3GNUKEmpireStrikesBack/ Black Rifle Coffee now joining then fun.
  11. Quick update ........ LOTS of Lady shooters have signed up ! This is shaping up to be a very fun match , come join in the action at the excellent SUPS range. Competitors (club level ) from Canada, South Africa, Wales, England,New Zealand, the USA & Philippine's !
  12. smm3gun.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/IMA-SMM3G-Rules.pdf (with some local amendments to be sent out with registration conformation)
  13. Basic IMG rules as not every Country shoots to the same.
  14. last trip to SUPS we took a Jet boil so we could have tea !