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  1. But it states that the scores have been entered for him on all stages. So it looks like he suffered either a fatal gun breakdown or had to pull out for medical reasons just after finishing stage 7. http://www.winmss.com/stats/match/3062d8c6be7d4185ba3f064c231e2e1c/018/verification/856
  2. It should be shortly. That rule will very likely be changed at the upcomming GA. And our RD still have not received any official notice regarding the definition of a comp from IPSC to his RD email, only read about on GV. So until official notification comes, its buisness as usual here in Norway (and the rest of Scandinavia I think). Are any country enforcing it?
  3. Asked HK about a L version at the WS, and got a "maybe, at some point in the future" Perhaps someone asked at the Shot show and got a new answer?
  4. He will also travel for training if his schedule allows. I took his course a few years ago (when he was traveling with his dad) and the cost was roughly the same as Max/Travis and Vogels see www.ericgrauffel.com
  5. No, the competitors got it at main registration at the Lakeland Center. But there are not anyone there now, so I assume you have get it at the range. Best to call and check
  6. You need an ID/badge to be allowed on the range. You could buy those during the registration. The parking lot on the field across from the range had limited space and parking passes cost $50. But they sold out quickly. Those who didn't get one have to park in town and take the shuttle bus out. That parking lot is at 27.759027, -81.533884 Dont know the bus schedule or procedure for spectators Call them and check
  7. I'd suggest you have her contact the UK IPSC Regional Dir. at rd@ukpsa.org he will probably also have some suggestions or points of contact for other than IPSC shooting as well.
  8. Classic is provisional (as all new divisions are). Permanent status should be approved at GA. I think chances of it not being approved is very low And there will also be changes to the rules up for vote at the GA (though all current legal guns should be remain so) If you want a new gun for Classic, I'd recommend waiting until after the GA to see what changes are approved unless you want to attend the WS in Classic Div
  9. Which is what I figured. I tried both 8 and 9 in my Bedell Shorty but cant remember what I ended up with
  10. Perhaps for IPSC major? Springs are cheap, best is to buy one of each and test it for yourself to see what feels best for you.
  11. I've used 200gr Frontier without problems, though probably not quite as accuracy as Partizan FMJ 170gr (from XXL) Got the brass from http://diwola24.de/shop/ but they are out of stock as well M1 but only used it for practice so far.
  12. Just forget VV when looking for 10mm data, its bullshit. Also forget Berry's in 10mm, they can't withstand the velocity. In my G 20, accuracy at 25m is measured in meters not cm Speer has good data with N350. Ive been using 8.5-9.5gr N350 with 170gr partizan (speers data for 180gr)
  13. What do you mean by bumped in standard for paint? In STD anything goes except optics and comps as long as the gun fits in the box. I would call it extremely simple.
  14. IPSC do not have "limited" or "limited 10". G35 would be legal in IPSC Standard division (or Open)
  15. For Glocks, take a look at this site to calculate sight height: http://www.ameriglo.net/sights/calculator
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