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  1. So I recently bought a new Marauder FDE Limited edition that comes standard with a threaded barrel. The gun was a safe queen with low mileage and I got it as a great deal with six mags and a few other accessories. I live in a state where the threaded barrel is not legal to have on your gun and not transferable (DMV- District, MD, VA--guess which state). My intent was to swap the barrel out and to that end, I bought a KART Exact fit replacement barrel ($300). I can't transfer it until this gets sorted out and I want to have it for IDPA matches by mid-May. After running it past a few local shooting sources, I am finding it hard to get a strong recommendation for a gunsmith in the DMV who can do the job right and/or in a timely way-- within a few weeks, thus I am being told to save myself the heartache and send it to a well know national Smith who can allow me to not have regrets. I spoke to a well know national gunsmith who said he would do me a solid and cut the barrel and recrown it with a fast turn around, but it seems like a crime against nature to do this, as I would like to maintain the marketability of the gun in the long term if I choose to sell it (keeping the barrel in storage in another more permissible state). I really want to get this up and running for the spring season, so based on the stated problem I am reluctantly considering cutting the barrel. Any recommendations for a good gunsmith in the DMV or nationally who can sort this out for me? Is there even a market for a used threaded barrel that was factory fit to an STI Marauder? Any other advice here?
  2. very interested and will take them off your hands just confirming these are the same and will work in my .40 edge



    1. superluckycat


      Those are the ones.  The first option.  Note: these are for 140mm or 170mm mags.

  3. I looked and didn't see pre loaded Kodi sticks
  4. The edge is a nice gun, but I have shot the hex a bit as well and it really is a good gun. You can't go wrong either way. The Hex lets you play in IDPA.
  5. In the mkt for a chrono, how accurate is this? Do you have any exp with Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mount Chronograph?
  6. alotur

    Brass Storage Container Ideas?

    I bought three 18 gal bins for my common calibers. These are filled with clean brass. I have a 30 gal tub for lose brass. The plan it to sort range brass that I have collected out and scrap all rifle brass and sell excess 9mm
  7. How did wax & shine work?
  8. FART is fine but there is always media clean-up issue. I Wet tumble w/o pins and use lemi shine, vinegar, and dish soap and comes out plenty clean. I rinse twice and tumble in hot water for 15 min to remove all residue.
  9. alotur

    9MM - Lee Classic Turret VS. Pro1000

    Please buy the Dillon:) I had 2 of each and the primer system is not consistent over the long haul. I spent a year learning the hard way.
  10. alotur

    How to blacken brass?

    I use a fair amount of vinegar and get a purple hue.
  11. alotur

    Unis Ginex primers

    I second that! Price can't be beat.
  12. alotur


    Shot in both .40 and 9mm.
  13. alotur


    I have used Acme, S&S, Blue and Bayou and find S&S seat the best hands down, with Bayou giving the best accuracy. I think for this game price is the main issue.
  14. alotur

    Training advice (SIRT?)

    That thing is tight, but I will let him know about this thanks!
  15. alotur

    Training advice (SIRT?)

    I borrowed a buddies and one thing I found was that the trigger was very heavy and lead to fatigue very quickly. Is there a way to adjust the trigger pull?