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  1. very interested and will take them off your hands just confirming these are the same and will work in my .40 edge



    1. superluckycat


      Those are the ones.  The first option.  Note: these are for 140mm or 170mm mags.

  2. In the mkt for a chrono, how accurate is this? Do you have any exp with Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mount Chronograph?
  3. I bought three 18 gal bins for my common calibers. These are filled with clean brass. I have a 30 gal tub for lose brass. The plan it to sort range brass that I have collected out and scrap all rifle brass and sell excess 9mm
  4. I second that! Price can't be beat.
  5. So is it a finish issue that I should address with STI? I really get ticked seeing a $2k gun look like crap. I have used kydex with my sigs, H&K's, M&P's, etc and never had this issue.
  6. Anyone have a good holster for the edge? The finish on my gun is going to hell with the Ghost Holster.
  7. I think Mikes set u may be too nice. Does it come with auto suction to catch any loose primers or powder? No seriously really nice arrangement.
  8. I guess it is hard to explain why I shoot. I started off buying my first gun with little or no exp in the shooting game. I started training at the range to make sure I knew how to use it well. I kept training and I drifted into competitive shooting. I started reloading as I was spending so much money on bullets it made sense. I started a competitive shooting club as I needed time to train and practice movement. At each stage it seems one thing leads to the next. Who knows where it will take me, but I really like the feeling of seeing how far I have progressed in a short span of time.
  9. Hey russell are these coated bullets?

    1. RussellM


      Yes, the are the newer red coating

  10. How much for just the gun?  


  11. What do you charge for your matches?
  12. Just wanted to know if anyone responded to this thread as I have a similar situation?
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