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  1. I’m a Production M, and have been working toward G. I think I’m going to set that goal aside for a while.
  2. I'm having this problem as well. Here's what I got from AA. So far the masking tape isn't working. "I suspect you are loading 9mm? I had the same issue on my 9mm MBF, I put masking tape over the cut out on the dislodge arm and it solved the problem. We had to design the dislodge arm in this manner as this gave the arm enough length to bottom out in the U shaped cut outs in the collator plate. This design gave us the best result when knocking uncollated bullets. Regards, Josh Lentz Sales & Technical Support Alpha Dynamics USA
  3. A VP-9 with a "standard" mag release, competition trigger, and long slide would be interesting.
  4. This is exactly the load I worked up for my G34. I found the 147s to be more accurate than the 125s.
  5. I was in Keith's H1 class, and it was incredibly valuable. I've taken classes from a number of top name instructors, and only Steve Anderson gave me the level of detailed, personalized training that Keith Tyler did. I've been at the top edge of B class in Production for a year, and Keith helped me understand what's been holding me back. I now have a short list of things to work on--all actually quite simple, but that I would not have figured out on my own. For the cost of ammo from three practice sessions, Keith Tyler's classes are a serious deal.
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