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  1. Good catch, the website selling it is called "BargainDock"
  2. That's a bummer, up north seems to get the good stuff before the US.
  3. I ran across this beauty while checking out prices to see what the going rate was for the x-cal. Never heard of this website though. https://www.bargaindock.com/product/grand-power-9mm-model-x-calibur-match-co-semi-automatic-pistol-127mm-barrel/
  4. Does anyone know if the Phantom uses the same barrel as the SP-01? I have an Australian length barrel that I'd like to put to use that doesn't fit my custom anymore after I installed the 10x bushing.
  5. This is great news, thanks for the update Kingman! I will rekindle my relationship with my XT.
  6. Did you buy a wolff reduced power 1911 magazine catch spring?
  7. Totally agree and some support from Bersa or aftermarket would be very welcome. It caught my 12 year old daughters eye... she thought it looked cooler than my X5 lightweight and Stock 3 Xtreme, LOL!
  8. It's bigger than both and more rounder than the Stock 3
  9. For the price any way you look at it, I it's a good deal. Out of the box it's ready to run, but take in consideration the decocker... some might not like it and it doesn't spring back down so you can fire it double action the next shot. You have to manually lower the lever.
  10. I would say that it recoils a little bit more than my Grand Power X-cal, about the same as the Stock 3 Xtreme and less than my Shadow custom. Accuracy wise for me, about the same as the Grand Power, Shadow Custom and a bit better than the Stock3.
  11. Shot mine today... I'm liking it, very accurate, the recoil is similar to the Stock 3 I have. I agree with Kingman about the grips, they are slick. A bit more take up on the SA portion of the trigger than I'm used to but I think it won't be an issue once I get more trigger time with it.
  12. Picked up mine today, haven't got it to the range yet but the trigger is really nice. My trigger is registering 2.10 SA and 7lbs DA. I like the way it feels in my hand, but the mag release is somewhat flush, small and a bit hard to reach.
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