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  1. Jake tells me the "new" flat levers fit the box.
  2. Put on a Dawson .170 x .110. Dead nuts, never touched the adjustable sight.
  3. I really don't care if my safeties fit the box, all I shoot is Level 1 matches anymore, but that pesky Jake Martens is frequently on my squad.
  4. Gonna shoot mine in Steel Challenge Sat.
  5. https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/safety-set-small-92x-performan-92x-perf/e02486/
  6. Saw your video and couldn't believe it. Got my gun back from LTT yesterday and I'm astounded! When I felt the trigger I thought "No way it will light primers." Well I went to the range, and not only will it light primers, it lights the CCI Small Rifle Primers! I have 7 different guns I consider top flight for Production Division. This one is superior to them all. DA and SA are almost unbelievable.
  7. I'm waiting on my 92XP to come back from LTT with their trigger job. It was pretty damn good stock so I can't wait to see what they do with it.
  8. Again since there's no PF in SCSA cocked and locked is OK for Limited.
  9. Hammer down is required for Production in SCSA. I'm an RO.
  10. Jeff O

    92 x holster

    Watch Saul Kirsh's video on holster fitting at AA Academy.
  11. OK, have 2 Shadow 2's. Put the flat trigger and CZC disco in my black gun, wouldn't drop the hammer at all. Took flat trigger, trigger bow, hammer and disco out and put everything in my hardchrome gun and everything works perfectly. I'm thinkin' the frame may be out of spec on the black gun. The drop end of the disco hits the frame before the wings contact the trigger bar. Could it be as complex as not enough tension on the trigger bar spring? Having said all that the hard chrome gun works PERFECTLY! Pre-travel, over-travel and reset are as good as I've ever felt.
  12. Anybody tried one? Have 2 triggers, disco coming today.
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