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  1. Does anyone know if, when or where the 2018 World Shoot will be ?
  2. Maybe the Serious Shooters Bianchi Cup ?
  3. Due to lack of sponsors this is the 2017 Bianchi Cup. I will still be there.
  4. I will be there. any one seen squadding yet ? Dickie
  5. Probably not at this stage, what do you need ?
  6. Does anyone have a PDF of the final results. Thanks Dickie
  7. If the current format is not broken don't fix it. The little guy has the ability to get among the big guns. Keep the dream alive.
  8. Tom, you have left a hard act to follow. Great job, enjoy your next adventure. Dickie
  9. Dick, walls need to be 60' apart, target travels at 10 fps for a 6 second exposure. Pads are set at 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards from targets and are 3' square. Refer to section 10.24 page 29, 2014 Action Pistol Rule Book. Hope this helps. Dickie Australia
  10. Do we have confirmed dates and location for the Worlds yet ?
  11. Without a locking system they will have to shoot each shooter individually. Otherwise the protest commiittee will be very busy. How many entries have they got ? Dickie
  12. You can't shoot a good mover on an empty stomach. Don't leave room for butterflys.
  13. Please add SSAA Nationals Ballarat, Victoria, Australia October 21st and 22nd. Sanctioned NRA Regional. Come on down under. Contact Dickie for entry form. richard@siebertelectrical.com.auSSAA Nationals 2012.doc
  14. Does anyone have an email address for Perkins Custom Llc in Mexico MO ? Thanks Dickie
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