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  1. Just curious are you taking any meds for cholesterol? statins? I noticed terrible muscle issues after taking that crap for a few months. I don't use that stuff anymore! but coffee yessss oh yesss
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    "Sacrifice or Regret" I like that. Sounds simple but......I'm posting that on my range and on the fridge right now. Thanks for sharing
  3. I talked with JoJo and he shared a similar experience with me when he was trying to drop lb's quickly for 3 gun, apparently he not only felt confused but his legs gave out and he lost his strength. After that he went to a nutritionist that recommended carbing up the day before a match and natural sugars i.e oranges, bananas, apples that kind of thing throughout the day. He says he has not had the problem since. I will defiantly give that a try. I have always been a white sugar ADDICT and I haven't had any in over 3 weeks. I only wanted to lose a few pounds (10-12) I didn't realize how much that would affect me. I think I will give up the Mega Coffee on match mornings as well. Ben, I ordered Champion Shooting Volume one yesterday along with some of Lanny Basshams books looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the response. Jay
  4. I have been on the range dry firing, practicing working my butt off 3 days a week and was making great improvement. I had three really solid matches in a row and was really pleased but then last week I had a terrible match. I had one good stage it was just awful, like my brain wouldn't work. Then today I had a even worse match not one good stage and a few of them were just terrible. Blazing away at steel, going to slide lock on a Texas star ( I have one at home I usually smoke the darn things) Mikes, D's a failure to engage. I even started a stage with no mag in my gun after "topping off". I was really trying to focus and pull myself out of it but....it just kept getting worse it was like a bad dream. Aggggghhh what is wrong with me I feel like I have forgotten how to shoot. I couldn't keep track of my round count and went to slidelock several times, I NEVER make that mistake but I made it 4 times today. Slidelock is "death lock" in single stack. I did start on nutra systems 3 weeks ago and have been on a limited calorie intake, not sure if that's it or ......just a slump for some reason. I talked to Mike Voight today he told me he has had slumps last for a month or two...I have area one in 4 weeks I have to fix this any ideas? anyone else go thru this?
  5. I felt the "guilt" from time to time. I stopped competing for 20 years so I could raise my kids and afford to put food on the table. After the Boys were old enough I started shooting again and spent a solid year and half setting stages, training and shooting with my Sons Nick and John. My son Nick told some friends it was the best time he had ever had and was really gratefull for the time we spent together. His friend told me that at Nicks funeral. Nick was killed two days after helping me set up stages at a steel match. I had no idea how important the time I had been spending with my sons shooting was until that moment. Forget the guilt, have fun and share it with those you love and I suggest you do it NOW. Im so glad I got that year and a half and no longer regret a nickle I spend on shooting. J
  6. Ditto on Chris at Safevision.com Im shooting much better now that I can see my front site again. Strange how important seing is to shooting well.
  7. I shoot SS and only SS but it is somewhat masochistic. I have to really take time with my pre shoot stage work and get it mapped out in my head. Once I have it down it takes so little to throw off your round count and force you into a standing re load. I had a great stage going today and had a very rare failure to feed, my hits were great but that standing reload felt like forever! I refuse to quit until I get to A class in SS but it seems like a steep hill sometimes. Practice, practice, practice. I wish more people would shoot it localy here as well but we get anywhere from 5-15 SS shooters at an avg club match.
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