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  1. I will try and remember to let you know how it is. Supposed to have it on Friday and we have a match Saturday in AR.
  2. Thanks I ordered the shooters connection belt and had a coupon for $25 off of $50 purchase. So I was able to get a boss hanger also for just a little more than what a DAA would have cost.
  3. Just got three DAA race master mag holders fir Christmas. Also got money to buy a new belt. Thought was obvious to get DAA belt but keep hearing how hard it is to attach stuff to it. Really like the mags. Should I go with CR speed belt so I have more holster options. Also what type of hangers do you use to attach them
  4. Who makes a holster uspsa ready for a rock island fs tactical 2011 9mm. Can't find one anywhere. Want to get one and use the Stoehger boss hanger with it
  5. Thank you. Excellent answer and I will enjoy. It is really nice
  6. I heard that was a terrible thing to do?
  7. Thank you that was what I wanted to know. That was exactly what I was told and I agree with your answer
  8. I don't want to I agree with you completely. It was something that I was told and I am starting to think from the response here he is crazy.
  9. No I was just talking about racking the slide to dry fire practice. Not during a competition
  10. Thanks. I have heard that they are a little delicate and something about you have to hold trigger when rack the slide on empty mag or some crap. Is that true
  11. finally getting first 1911! Very excited and it should be in my hands tomorrow. I have heard how delicate they can be and I am a little nervous because I do a heavy amount of dry fire practice. The gun is a RIA double stack in 9mm by the way. Is there anything different about practicing dry fire than with a Glock?
  12. I very much would have been interested but I just bought a RI 9mm double stack off of enos. Dang it anyway. Thanks but I don't have two purchases in me right now
  13. Thank you very much. I am very excited
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