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  1. I guess we will all have to bee thankful that they aren't giving folks unlimited chances to miss before changing magazines. As a revo nut I am less than amused when folks shell entire target areas in search of hits.
  2. There's a restriction to 30 rounds...
  3. No I haven't had any experience with the mini shells and was wondering if the pointy thing gave you an extension. I didn't see anything like that written underneath. Neat.
  4. I have finally received my Shockwave. It's a lot of fun. I find it very fast to shoot and have fired everything from lighter loads to 1⅛ oz. bird shot as well as buckshot. I don't find it to be heavily recoiling. I think it's more jumpy than anything, but I really find it so handy that it's addictive. I look forward to shooting some slugs and 3" buckshot.
  5. So that extension is somehow giving you extra capacity??
  6. I do actually. I think it's unnecessary. I have built a $2k 1911. If you need the look at me factor...go for it.
  7. So I once had a guy (whom I respected right up until he said this) tell me that everyone above expert was cheating according to his interpretation of the use of cover rules and then round dumping. When he made master sometime later I asked him how it felt to be a cheater. Cold bank stare. Oh well. Shoot whatever you want. It's your money going into this thing. You might as well have fun. I don't think that the accuracy required in idpa will ever necessitate a $3k gun. If they aren't giving it to me...I'm not interested. There's no reason for a 1911 to cost that much.
  8. Sweet heater for sure...how much sponsorship does Briley offer idpa?
  9. Hahaha that's the spirit! May as well stuff the mags full so that you get the full enjoyment out of being in NFC....yeah I know you're not s'posed to do that. Who cares at that point? Break out the open gun...on second thought that's just oppressive.
  10. But it's totally like ICORE now...besides...Ken and Larry wanted it. They were on TV saying so. How dare we question folks that manipulate the rules to remain relevant...
  11. No you're not bashing me...I'm saying my dreaming is better than bashing the discipline. I'm aware of what is available in USPSA. It's fun to have multiple venues to shoot the same gun.
  12. So now we are heading more towards a need for an inspection to determine whether or not a gun is reasonably modified or stock...interesting. I'd like to see some sort of fair way to do this without people getting too antsy about their position on on the scorecard and having that cloud their judgement. I'd like to see the old fella shooting the SW M19 without a chance in hell of winning a division tell a guy with a speed Glock in a bikini rig that his gear wasn't kosher in a non condescending tone. How about a minimum holster tension being enforced also? Or an effort to actually require competitors to be passably concealed? As far as a weight limit well that's not really all inclusive now is it? I should in theory, be able to add unobtainium bars to the gun to beef it up to the limit. I am not however allowed to add a WML or the brass magazine well extension for some reason, but another competitor can have a heavier gun and spend a car payment on a titanium magazine well extension to squeek in under the limit. I just want my full magazine and my WML. You XDm folks can have the extra two rounds, I got this...
  13. You're really asking this question. Remind me never to use him as an alibi... hahahaha!
  14. Right, so we've settled the THEN and NOW of the 10 round limit in the game for better or worse. What else would you like to do to your carry gun to enhance performance? Fully blown out to your ideal specifications without consideration of a particular division's limitations. I have recently added a Streamlight TLR-1HL and I believe it was one of the smartest purchases I have made in a while. There is some added weight, but I feel very confident in low light situations as opposed to only having two loose flashlights. Now I have the ability to scan instantly from a startle response in total darkness without playing bat the flashlight onto the deck and let the whole world know I'm around. Having a laser on my J-Frame and just the light on the full size pistol has given me a significant advantage. I recently got the opportunity to shoot a match in transitioning light from late afternoon to dead of night. The thing I learned immediately was that after dark the laser is king. Hands down. Lights are great out beyond 25 yards for tighter shots because they allow the sights to be used, but that laser is a considerable edge to shooting on the move and rapid response to multiple targets. If I had it to do over again tomorrow I would go with the TLR-2 and get the laser as well even though the added bulk of the laser puts the holster into a bigger format than I would prefer. Now that Safariland has come out with ALS concealment holsters that stabilize with and without the light mounted there is a really interesting idea for the person who just carries one gun concealed and takes away from the mountain of holsters... **An interesting side note, the folks who had slide riding optical sights were struggling to maintain their accuracy due to the WMLs whiting out their dots.** I will have to refrain from the addition of a magazine well extension because I feel that it diminishes concealability. Adding grip tape also falls in the realm of unnecessary.
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