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  1. For those missing all the info on the old Hide it is still accesible via: http://forum.snipershide.info/ and a new specific Google search has been created by a member: https://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=005932026040690906626:g1onr6denui
  2. I got turned onto Vortex in early 2010 and started with their Viper 2-7x w BDC for 3gun. Since that time I've added nearly a dozen scopes, a SPARC, and a pair of Viper binoculors. Great products for the money and excellent people to deal with if an issue comes up!!
  3. Perry's Gun Shop in Wendell. NC has a 22" version on the shelf. http://www.perrysgunshop.com/
  4. This last statement is very true! In addition to the Tarheel monthly matches T3G runs quarterly matches at two other ranges. All of these matches will be full. We also have a thriving USPSA and IDPA community in Raleigh. One of the monthly USPA pistol matches conflicts (1st Saturday) with the T3G monthly matches and is STILL able to draw 80-100 shooters per month. We have a LOT of active shooters in this region! Combine that with the fact that Steve, Charles, and company design and put on an outstanding match on a phenominal piece of property that is barely 45 minutes from RDU and only 10 min off of US1. Lots of shooters in the region and a match location that is very accessible from near and far when it's not too hot yet, and you get a tremendous match turn out.
  5. I run the Vortex Viper 2-7x35 with BDC reticile. They no longer make this exact model in the Viper line, but do offer it in the Diamondback line: http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-diamondback-2-7x35-riflescope-dead-hold-bdc-reticle/reticle Overall I REALLY like what the 2-7x brings to the table over your standard 1-4x. A 1-6x is a great choice between the two, but not always easy on the budget. At our local 3gun matches we don't have a ton of wide open hose fest targets. A fair amount of hard cover and no-shoots along with reduced size targets thrown in makes me appreciate the 2x. Granted I do have to hunt a bit more than with a 1x, but I feel my accuracy is greater. it is definitely not the "convential wisdom" among Tac ops shooters as almost all run a 1-?x. Good luck.
  6. I just recieved mine this week and so far am quite impressed with them. I purchased them from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Breakaway-Nylon-Coasters/dp/B009SPDU3C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1358373075&sr=8-2&keywords=breakaway+coaster
  7. Well said and 100% agree. Regardless of shooting discipline or usage all firearm's owners need to stand united on this issue. I may not 100% agree with everything the NRA say's or does, but I recognize that they are the organization best suited for this situation and will do everything within my power and finances to support their efforts. If we stand united we should persevere. . Jared71, A little positive PR never hurts with the non-shooters as well. I'm always trying to drag a new shooter to the range when I can. Rimfire is the best tool for introducing anyone to the shooting sports and lifestyle.
  8. Damon,Garrett,Charlie,Pat,Eric,Clay,Sam,Steve,and everyother one of you bad@$$ Triangle area 3gun guys have a hell of a match. Damon sorry i cant be there to help setup,Drink your beer and shoot with ya.Garrett, burn it down (but you aint gotta race me so u can use those bumpy things that get in the way of looking at the target) Ill catch ya soon and have a good time fer me Sgt TK Martindill Dco 1/504 1dt BCT 82nd (abn) Div FOB Warrior Ghazni Afghanistan TK keep your head down and come home safe!! We'll keep the beer cold for you. Your best bet would be to contact Charles Sole the MD: Charles Sole Tarheel 3 Gun MD charles@tarheel3gun.com 919-201-7990 The last I heard it was nearly full, but Charles will be able to give you a definitive answer. Hope you can make it as it will be a great match!
  9. JM Pro 22", the HiViz are add ons. I've run a set on my 1100 for the last 2 years without issue. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/316434/hiviz-sight-set-mossberg-winchester-shotguns-fiber-optic-green-rear-interchangeable-red-and-green-front The reason I asked is because my turkey sights (Allen makes them I think) that came factory on the turkey 24" barrel always shot really high too. Even turned all the way down. I had to aim at the bottom ring or stand of a steel target. The two JM Pro's I have fired have both been POA w/ shot but we haven't put slugs through them yet. I was able to get to the range this evening and test fire after installing the .250 down spacer...still shooting high right at 50 yards BUT only about 8 inches high now instead of the original 12-14inches high and 8-10 inches right. I was able to correct for the slugs hitting right, although there is no more vertical adjustment in the sight, the POA/POI difference is manageable enough that I'm going to run with it as is. I'll just hold low at the bottom of any plate 75yds and in, POI should equal POA around 100yds and start dropping off from there. For reference I have the barrel clamp installed in the same location as it came from the factory and torqued to 25lbs. I'm shooting Remington low recoil slugs (because they are the easiest for me to find in my area) through the factory MOD choke tube. I haven't checked shot POA/POI yet but had no issues during a match last Sat.
  10. JM Pro 22", the HiViz are add ons. I've run a set on my 1100 for the last 2 years without issue. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/316434/hiviz-sight-set-mossberg-winchester-shotguns-fiber-optic-green-rear-interchangeable-red-and-green-front
  11. What are you using for sights? If you are using just the front bead you need to check you fit. If you are using multiple bead sights, like a turkey sight, check to see where it hits at 16yds and adjust accordingly. I check for fit at 16 yds by firing multiple rds at a Target dot until a definite hole emerges and see where the hole is in relation to the target. I'm running the HiViz turkey sights an even on the lowest setting my slugs were hitting quite high at 50yds. I swapped in the down .250 stock spacer and am hoping that will correct the issue. I see significantly less rib than with the zero stock spacer. I won't get to the range to check it until Tues night.
  12. Canned air to remove the heavy stuff, 70%-90%IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol aka rubbing alcohol) on Q-tips and cotton balls to finish.
  13. I ran these on my 1100 for slugs and have a set on order for my 930 http://www.midwayusa.com/product/316434/hiviz-sight-set-mossberg-winchester-shotguns-fiber-optic-green-rear-interchangeable-red-and-green-front
  14. I think I need to drop my stock a little, too, and the .250 is the only drop shim available. Now, there is a set of plastic shims (that I'm assuming go between the receiver and the stock), and then there is a set of metal shims that look like they go on the tube inside the stock. Are they supposed to be used together (i.e. a plastic .250 shim along with the metal .250 shim), or do they serve different purposes and you only need to use one or the other? You need to use both the plastic and metal shims. There should be a diagram in the instruction book on how to install them.
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