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  1. When I set up my 650 I just barely had enough engagement for the dillon ring. Last night I noticed some of my cases failed the gauge test. They were not fully sized. I was able to turn my lee size die further down to the shell plate, but now the lock ring is striping on the die. I guess it was starting to slip earlier and it is time to put the ring on the bottom.
  2. True, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. If a machine is poorly designed with sloppy tolerances, there is no way you are going to make quality ammo. I've seen other brand reloading machines on youtube that actually flex while the operator is cycling them. That can't yield consistent results. I've never worried about that with my 550 or 650.
  3. I'm thinking I could just chuck it to a cheap drill press: http://www.harborfreight.com/8-in-5-speed-bench-drill-press-62390.html
  4. So, have any people tried both the WFT and the Giraud? I was tempted to get a RT1200 off ebay or something, but now I am thinking it might be pretty easy to set up a motor with one of the two above...
  5. How many people sort out their mil crimp, VS just pushing through? Is it the mil crimp that causes this or is it an old primer that wasn't removed and trying to put a new primer in its place?
  6. I have a question. With these shell plate bearing kits, shouldn't there be a bearing both above and below the plate? Otherwise you still have the friction below the plate when you crank it down, right? Anyone else wonder about this?
  7. That's the problem. Is a slightly lighter trigger worth the possibility of light strikes?
  8. I remember that when I ordered over the winter it took a while, but they arrived. It was def a longer time period than in the past.
  9. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works out for you. I've been thinking about getting one.
  10. Yeah, I had that too. I had used loctite on the set screw and when I went to remove the sight to put on a new one, I found that it was wiggly loose. Now, loctite all over it.
  11. That is a good point. I bought my Dillons because of the warranty and reputation of customer trust. I was tempted by the ebay swager for my 650. I have 9mm that seems to have more mil crimp than not. I also am looking to get into 223 and thought it could make quick work of that pesky problem. But I decided against it because I think trust goes both ways. If I am to expect Dillon to back their press up, I think its fair for them to expect me to treat it well. So if I used the swage system, it would be on me. Also there seems to be some sort of bad blood between Dillon and that ebay swager guy. The two negative feedbacks come from a/2 customers, he responds to as Dillon employees.
  12. I try to practice going both ways, when I dry fire, but I find that I am naturally faster left to right. I am left handed btw. So, when I compete, I shoot left to right, reload, left to right.
  13. You like the 10 rounders? I live in a "temporarily" free state and haven't needed 10 rounders, but have been wondering. I've heard they can be hard to seat and load.
  14. I also went the RCBS collet and the Lee cheapo. It works great! I mounted it on a platform that has 3 of those lightweight olive bar plastic cups screwed into it. One for rounds to be pulled. One for powder, one for cases, and one for bullets. I place another cup inside the screwed down cup. Nothing gets knocked over and I can easily empty them. I quickly get a rhythm going.
  15. Yes, this can happen with all carriers. I ordered a large dog crate. It arrived via UPS, and was packaged in a large bag. It was broken. I communicated with Amazon and set it up to be picked back up by UPS. I saw the driver walk up my steps, kick the package down my steps and then carry it to the truck. He kicked it down 5 steps to land on cement. Maybe that attitude is how it broke in the first place...
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