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  1. Thanks Rap and everyone. I may have to change my hammer springs on my Shadow 1.
  2. Looks exactly what Im seeing but Im getting 2-3 of that per 100. Hope I get the time to load these up and test.
  3. The reason i am asking is I have been getting light strikes. Im thinking this could be the cause?
  4. Sorry but here is a better picture. The two left primer has just a very small tint of red compared to the two on the right.
  5. That was my next step but havent gotten to it yet.
  6. Hi, I've been finding about 3-4 per 100 of Winchester Smal Primers not red on the inside (see pic). Pardon my ignorance, but should I worry? Thanks. Ryan
  7. I"m from North Jersey and do shoot in OB and CJ a lot. Our new anti gun governor have a few more laws he plans to implement so I would just say be careful and pay attention to the laws in NJ. Right now, its 15 rd mag capacity. Central Jersey is a very nice range, nice stages and I've had nothing but good experience. OB - if you can get past the attitude of the burnt out crew that runs the match (a couple, not all), its nice stages as well. The static steel matches and knockdown steel matches are awesome too. Ontelaunee - to me, one of the best places I have ever shot at! Unfortunately, it seems they are cutting back to Sunday only and will allow a very limited reg number so match will sell out in minutes. Their matches use to be10 stages minumum. Lower providence- has nice stages and lots of nice people I would go to youtube and watch some videos so you can see the flavor of each match. You cannot carry a firearm in NJ unless you have a permit, It must be in a trunk in a container (preferably locked). Please don't make a mistake as others have done. Other than that, we do have good places to shoot so dont be scared. Just follow the laws. This is my 2 cents.
  8. Hey Charlie, I have been watching this Houston area chiropractor on YouTube and people swear by him. I'm not from the area but I do plan to visit a buddy in Houston in the future and I may try it.
  9. I'm an idiot! there are two stages in 1 bay in the info they posted!
  10. In the 2017 Iron Sight Nats page, it said there's goong to be 18 stages but realizes there's only 15 squads and they posted the round count for 15 stages. So im assuming theres only gonna be 15 stages. is this correct?
  11. What got me confused is why this information was not posted on the USPSA website. I guess we will be taping after all like a regular match.
  12. im trying to verify this info by Pres Foley because it was from Doodie
  13. Apparently there has been a change of plans. Anyone here any news?
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