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  1. Do u use Titegroup powder? That adds to making your gun hot in my experience.
  2. Thanks Rap and everyone. I may have to change my hammer springs on my Shadow 1.
  3. Looks exactly what Im seeing but Im getting 2-3 of that per 100. Hope I get the time to load these up and test.
  4. The reason i am asking is I have been getting light strikes. Im thinking this could be the cause?
  5. Sorry but here is a better picture. The two left primer has just a very small tint of red compared to the two on the right.
  6. That was my next step but havent gotten to it yet.
  7. Hi, I've been finding about 3-4 per 100 of Winchester Smal Primers not red on the inside (see pic). Pardon my ignorance, but should I worry? Thanks. Ryan
  8. Hey Charlie, I have been watching this Houston area chiropractor on YouTube and people swear by him. I'm not from the area but I do plan to visit a buddy in Houston in the future and I may try it.
  9. I don't own either but have close friends who own both. Both are built well but SV got better materials. Where do they differ? Customer service! I guy I shoot with said he called Limcat twice and left a message to order 2 open guns and never got a call back. Okay, maybe someone or my buddy made a mistake. A buddy who I'm close with that owns one for about 3 yrs now have gotten screwed with repair times on a couple of occassion by Limcat and had to follow up several times. SV on the other hand, has awesome customer service from what I've seen. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.
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