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  1. This is what what I do. Recently started to reload to a 155 because we shoot open and can have more ammo than a production shooter.
  2. Give it a bath in motor oil, and shoot a couple hundred rounds through it. Open guns like to run wet. From the picture I can not see any oil. If it's not running out of the slide rails after cleaning it's not enough. When the gun is new and tight it may not want to run on light loads. I would not adjust the extractor or ejector until I was positive that it was broke in.
  3. Go with the CK. Customer service is great and the gun has alot of the parts that you will probably change out on the STI at some point. If you have not owned an open gun before you won't ever know the difference between 9 and 38. I just switch back to 38sc because I liked the recoil impulse of the 38 over the 9. That being said if I had not shot alot of both 9 is the way go.
  4. I tried Nosler bullets. I do not know what kind of copper they use to jacket the bullet but it is soft. Running them through the Dillon I would get about 1 in 10 that were deformed. Used them in practice to use them up. I did not chrono or check to see how accurate they were. Precision Delta and Montana gold bullets are better.
  5. AR plate does meet certain chemical profiles. It is the way they are heat treated that separates quality. Cheaper AR plate tends to be surface hard and simetimes laminated. The best thing you do is ask for an MTR from the mill. Sometimes AR can stand for as rolled not abrasion resistant. As rolled does not have to meet the same standard as true AR plate. Hardox 500 is some the best out there but it is not cheap.
  6. Not all AR500 is the same. If he is selling his plates that much cheaper than everyone else there is a reason. Cheaper AR plate tends to be brittle. That's probably why you got a perfect hole in the plate. AR450 and AR400 act the same way.
  7. Does he have a website?No. But if he is home he always answers the phone.
  8. Mike Johnson in Chinook MT can do it. His # 1(406)357-3132. He does them on almost every gun he builds.
  9. Add an ejector and barrel link to the list above. If the barrel is fit properly you will never need the link. But I have seen more then one persons match cut short because of a broken link. I also carry a spare trigger group with thumb safeties fitted just in case.
  10. Go with the CK Arms. The fit, finish, and quality of parts that CK puts in their guns is better. CK'S customers service can't be beat. I purchased their Thunder model in 38 sc 3 weeks ago, shot 1000 rounds through it. The Aftec would not hold adjustment. Sent it in on Monday and had it back on Thursday. I have owned a factory STI and their parts and fit are no where near CK'S.
  11. With all your makeup shots I wonder if you're focusing on the dot and not the target? Once I adjusted to target focus my hits and shot calling improved alot.
  12. It can be done. My Dad has an open gun with three barrels 9, 9X21, and 357 Sig. Adjusting the extractor can be challenging but once you figure it out they are reliable.
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