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  1. I am using STI old tubes with Grams 2,5 mm pads and Grams internals. 29 rounds reloadable in .38 super comp. Needs a bit of tuning.
  2. I have offered a possibility to be relocated to Phoenix area for a year. If I have not totally understood it wrongly it is THE place to be relating to IPSC / USPSA shooting. Can you please let me know who to contact in order to get involved. Further on, as being a non US citizen, would it be wise to bring my own guns with me or should I rather purchase a new ones in US? I mean, would it possible to buy guns in Arizona without being a US citizen? My employer, of course, will take care of all mandatory paperwork (what ever it is) what comes to my relocation and necessary permits for a temporary immigration. What else would I need? I appreciate any information, Thank You
  3. I assume that you can find the older CED in good price. In Europe, try Eric Grauffel or Saul Kirch shops. I had Pro Chrono and when it stop to work I moved to CED. Much easier get velocities at bad light conditions. No regrets.
  4. After playing around about a year with 9 major, I have started to rethink going back to .38 super. I have had constantly wierd problems with the gun (custom built based on STI mainparts) or inparticular with mags (STI tubes with Grams internals). Earlier I managed to easily to shoot at least 1000 rounds wiyhout a single problem. For some reason I never managed to get my 9 major shorty to run in same level. What I have learnt is that the most critical area are ammos. I have reload my brass 3 - 4 times untill I have left them to ground. Also all competiton ammos have been loaded on once shooted brass. With VV 3n37 and 124 gr bullets it has been easy to reach major PF. Also there have been quite a challenge to keep mags in good shape in order to run flawlesly. There is virtually a constant tuning in progress. Finally the timing ( the speed of slide) have been under constant monitoring, as I prefer to use light springs and heavily lightened slide and tend to like the slide moving fast and feeling snappy. That easily caused problems for feeding. With little less attention have been given to proper shape of extarctor (aftec) and ejector. So, any opinion, am I doing the right decision to move back to standard lenght .38 super comp or how do you see the matter? The feel is quite the same, IMO, wheter to go 9 major or .38 super
  5. You also may wish to contact top European gunsmiths (like van Drummen and HPS) for custom guns and be positively suprised for pricing.
  6. Doesn't help Flyin any more but.... I have used Grams 4 mm pads in 170mm STI post ban mag tubes and the mags have passed the test. Please take a look how the lenght should be measured in IPSC rules. Grams' pads are angled a bit in the corner where the measurement is to be taken. Having said that, it will be extremely close anyway. So if you want to make it sure go with 2,5 mm pads. Also Dawson's +1 pad is good to go with post ban 170 mm tubes. By using .38 super comp brass it will be 28 + 1.
  7. Has anyone managed to built a IPSC legal big stick which holds 29 rounds for STI / SV? If so, which parts have you used? I can easily build up sticks for 28 rounds by using GE parts. However, I've been told that there are 29 rounders but haven't seen any that comply with the rules. I really mean IPSC legal stick (170 mm) not USPSA legal (171,25 mm). Thanks for any input
  8. Any suggeston which way to go in order to build a max capacity IPSC legal big stick for open? Most of discussion here seems to be how to make it fit to USPSA cauge what has an additional 1,25 mm space. So obviously the max is 28+1 but from which part to make one?
  9. Does anyone knows contact information for Pro Grip's manufactor?
  10. Got an email, not confirmed 1. JJ Racaza 2. Max Michel 3. Todd Jarrett 4. Chris Tilley 5. Matt Burkett 6. Vesa Jumppanen
  11. I've been planning to move to open. I just wonder which platform might be the best to go? I have tested SV IMM and it is awesome as is Tanfoglio's gold customs. I have heard nothing but good of Brazos Customs but never been able to test them - obviously those exist only in US or at least none of the peolple I shoot with have those (I live in Europe). Some of buddies have suggested to build a completely custom gun based on SV or STI frame and slide. It might be the way to go, taking on to consideration availability of parts and the knowhow. But how do you guys see which way to go?
  12. Rescator

    Super Loads

    Guys, you shold be happy with the prices for Vihtavuori powders in US. In Finland, where they produce the powder, our comrades have to pay some USD 36 per lb. If anyone is interested the gasolin cost well over $ 4 / gallon and avg. tax rate is something like 35 %. God bless them
  13. I have been strugling with my current performance as I have seen virtually no improvment for the last six months or so. I have tried to analyze my current techinc and find out that particulary there are lots of work with target transitions (amongst other things). Just don't know how to do it. Currently in short range (approx. 5 -7 yards) transition time is about 0.2 and I am shooting with .17 splits. However further away the transition time will increase to something 0.6 in 25 yards and that is defenitely too much and that's the point where I am loosing awfull lot. I've practiced shooting plates in long distance, lots of dry firing (in short range) but haven't seen improvment. So any suggestion is highly appreciated.
  14. Guys, We had some discussions earlier how to get Eric G to participate discussions in here. He just has set up a forum of his own. So you may want to check it out at www.ericgrauffel.com
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