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  1. RM01 is what I run on a work gun. The self-regulating brightness has never left me wanting to change it manually, it adjusts quickly to changing light conditions. The DeltaPoint has better glass for sure, and the top-loading battery is nice, but having to constantly adjust the brightness is a PITA. I also like the lower profile of the RMR.
  2. Ok, to make a long story short I was issued a new patrol vehicle and my shotgun will not fit the new rack with my Mesa side saddle mounted. Dept policy will not allow extended tubes, so I need to figure out a way to carry extra ammo on the gun. Carrying it on my person is not an option. I carry with 3 rounds of buck in the tube, empty chamber, and in the old side saddle was 3 buck and 3 slug. I'd like figure out a way to at least carry a couple extra rounds of slug somewhere on the gun in case I need to go that route instead of shooting buck. I am not a 3-gunner, but I thought I saw pictures s
  3. Been a long time, but he's back! Been shooting a lot of Production/IDPA ( I know, I know, but I have to carry a M&P on duty, and I feel like I need to be semi proficient with that piece of plastic) but it's time to get back to 1911's, might shoot L10 at the Nats with one. Picked this guy up today, a widow of a local police officer was selling off his collection. Looks like someone at Wilson Combat massaged it over. Gonna see how it shoots at tomorrow's Steel Challenge match. Trial by fire!
  4. Since you have the CORE, you are going to be limited to changing out the front sight only I think. Give Dawson Precision a call, they should be able to set you up with a front sight that is tall enough to work with the rear sight currently on your pistol. I prefer fiber optic front sights myself, with either a red or green pipe.
  5. A62335

    M&P Mags

    Sure thing. I've been looking for mags daily, these are the first I've found that are still reasonably priced.
  6. A62335

    M&P Mags

    The baseplates had been engraved with unit numbers, but other than that they are in fantastic condition. Hardly any wear on the bodies. Springs are fine.
  7. A62335

    M&P Mags

    I know the 9mm mags are unobtainable right now, but CDNN currently has used 40 mags in stock. I got ten of them, they all hand cycle 9mm in my 9mm guns, and lock the slide back. Might be an option if you can't find 9mm mags and are in need of some extras.
  8. 'nuff said (if classifiercalc.net is right) All the way at the end of the video http://www.youtube.com/user/RenoKimberShooter#p/u/0/qzNY-kWVg5w By the way, I can't figure out how to embed YT videos. If someone could let me know in a PM that would be awesome.
  9. How about this? http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=137690&pid=1548801&st=0entry1548801
  10. A62335


    Got one! Mods you can close/delete this thread. Thanks Corey!
  11. A62335


    I contacted Steel1212 the night I posted this, he thinks he has one for me. Going to try to contact him by phone again today. Fingers are crossed.
  12. A62335


    Due to some "unintelligent" department policies, the pro models are not approved for duty use. So, the L model is my only option for a 5" slide.
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