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  1. Mark, Do you have slots open for Friday all day? thanks, john
  2. I shot the fl. open this year with a c class 12 year old and he shot a solid c score> On our squad was E Lawson GM who builds the Keal 9 shorties> The father bought one and this month at the nationals the now 13 yr old shot in the mid 70's beating many A shooters with ease> This jr. seems to be doing very well with a 9 shortie that is light weight and runs 100%. best of luck with his new blaster> old john
  3. old john

    sps mags

    well, i purchased a new 170 sps @ the Fl. State that holds 30 in the tube and runs like a champ< Grams guts and yes I go to the line with 31> no problems in sunny Fl. with sps. old john
  4. old john

    SVI tubes

    Suffered the same problem> filed the tube opening larger> nope! Changed the mag release and fixed> took the file to the old release fixed> Guess I took 15 thousandths off the interior side and fixed! old john
  5. old john

    KEAL open gun

    Bart, I actually have two of Errols blasters and may part with them for a new hobby. Drop me a pm and I'll get in touch with you. I see him several times each week. Old John ,quote name='G-ManBart' date='Jun 17 2007, 02:05 PM' post='568146'] That's a cool looking blaster. Anybody know how to get in touch with Keal?
  6. old john

    KEAL open gun

    Take it down if you dare but don't show the parts inside unless you can out run Superman. Errol is a GENIUS in hideing. Old John
  7. old john

    KEAL open gun

    Welcome to the club. I have two and they are 100%. He does some really special internal and external workings. Did you get one the the 9 shortie's. They are the heat. Old John
  8. old john

    Open gun zero?

    The Sierra program will show 16-18 yards center of dot to be the best zero out to 50 yards. Old John
  9. Flex, I am not up to speed with posting pics. It did crack in the top left corner and went down the non ejection side. Full crack all the way through. JL, I actually plan to purchase a new slide and didn't know what I should look for when having the used barrel installed with the comp in place. My concern is installing a slightly used barrel and if a barrel could cause a slide to crack. The lugs look fine. How will the weather be in Atl. next week in the early mornings? thanks, Old John
  10. My slide has just cracked on my open blaster after 6000 rounds. (mm major). It cracked top left corner and went down the non ejection side 5/8 inch. The real question is how complicated will it be fitting the existing schuemann tower barrel with comp to the new slide. Anything special the smith should look for that could cause a slide to crack? Thanks in advance for the advise, Old John/
  11. I've used Armscor (purchased about 15000 cases) super & 9 for two years and and only have 900 cases left. I pray for the day it's all gone. Cra-! Nothing more and it can't be anything less. Old john
  12. I had the same issues when i changed to a sand textured grip. I sanded the high spots off the mags slicked up the insided of the grip , measured and viced the mag. Same problem still. I then found the the mag release button needed to have a small file and sand paper put to it. fixed!! I found out the problem by trying the mags with the release button removed and they freely droped without any grip binding. old john
  13. Al, I have two of each almost. 2 are 9mm major and two are 38 super. the supers run on either SC or Super. I actually think the super makes the most sense because you have more choices of powder. That said I am trying to sale either pair, stop taking up safe space and be happy with just two. I also had problems with once fired 9mm so I shoot almost all new brass and there just isn't enough cost differance to sway a choice. Old John
  14. I need one powder to load 9mm and 40 S&W. Jacketed bullets, 115 gr. to 124 in the 9mm and 165 to 180 in the 40. I am going to try Titegroup. Any other suggestions? Thanks You have found the one! Major 40 with 180 for me is around 4.6/7 depending on oal. You can't do major 9 but the 124's are sweet at around 140 pf. old john
  15. Lttle help guys. Just ordered 1000 Montana Gold 121GRN FP for 9 major. Anyone have starting load data for HS6 or VVn37? KKM 5.1 with Bedell Ti comp. Thanks, I and loading major 9 121 mg under 8.2 True blue @ 1.163 I liked it better than HS6! Start low crono and work up! old john
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