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  1. JRD83

    Sti Trubor

    It was only like 3 weeks, and thats just because of the plating. The $300 wasnt exact, but very close. I couldnt remeber the exact numbers he gave me. I think it was like $2350 for the pistol, and it was $2650 for the work, and plating. So thats a heck of a deal as far as I'm concerned.
  2. JRD83

    Sti Trubor

    Rather-B-Huntin, I can understand to a point where you are coming from. This will be my first open gun, and the STI Trubor is about the best value out there I think. Even at $2400 its alot of money to spend on a new pistol, considering I dont know much about them, and have no idea how to work on or maintence them. I spoke with Dawson on Friday though, and for like $300 they will tune it up and have it plated for you. I think thats a heck of a deal.
  3. JRD83

    Sti Trubor

    Would the STI Trubor make a good open gun for someone just starting out? Talk to STI earlier today, and if I order now it would be ready June 15th. Still havent decided between 9mm Major and .38 Super. I guess I'm just a little nervous about loading up the 9mm Majors. I have also considered having a gun built, but I guess I dont know enough about what I should get and what I shouldnt get. I'm very familiar with the 1911's but this will be my first run with a 2011 open gun.
  4. So if I went with a regular .38 Super, would I be at a big disadvantage compared to the 9mm major, or the .38 SC? I want to stay competitive, but I dont want to get in over my head while just starting out. I've been researching the 9mm Major, and I think I would be pretty nervous loading those up to start, but .38 Super doesnt worry me much.
  5. Thats what I've been doing Sfinney, I shoot the HP, 35 and the good ol Kimber .45 on a regular basis. I doubt I'll be setting anything on fire at first, but maybe with some practice I can at least warm things up a bit...
  6. I'm familiar with the 9mm Major, but not .38 Super Comp. I'm looking at buying my first open gun, and I got some suggestions to go with .38 SC, can some give me a comparison of these two rounds, and where would I get brass for the .38 SC? And also dies.
  7. I removed the mag safety, but the trigger is still crappy. I think I'm just gonna go right into open division so I guess it wont be a problem anymore. At least this gives me a better reason to drop some money on a new gun, alot of money. lol
  8. Is anyone shooting a Para for open? I've seen the P18-9 and they seem like a very sturdy gun to build off of, And also wondering if anyone has worked one upto 9mm major with factory barrel.
  9. Hoofy, I had an XD 45 Tactical. I hated it, i dont know what it was but I never could get excited about shooting that gun. I own a Glock 35 and I like it, thats why I bought the XD, but I ended up trading out of that XD and picked up a Hi Power. I was considering setting it up but I have decided to just buy a new pistol and go right into Open division.
  10. I'm pretty new to practical shooting. I've been around firearms and shooting in general for a long time now, just never done much with this style of shooting. I was involved in the competitive archery scene for a long time as well. I've gotten into some steel plate and practical shooting latley, and now I'm hooked! I thought about just starting out in a limited or production class because I own several handguns already that I could compete with. But, I think I have made my mind up to just buy a new handgun and go straight into the open division. Looking for suggestions and what I should consider for a new pistol. I know the STI's are very popular. I would like to go with a gun that will double as a good steel gun as well. Looking for ideas on the gun, holster, and other gear that will be needed to compete in open. I do handload so thats not a problem either. I like the looks and feel of the Para Ord p18-9 in 9mm, but I dont know if it can handle being loaded to 9mm major or not. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks Having one built is an option as well. I know a very competent gunsmith who specializes in 1911s and has built several guns. Does anyone think this is a good way to go?
  11. Do you guys think its possible to make a Browning Hi Power competitive in Limited? I have found quality magwells for it, longer barrels, hi cap mags.
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