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  1. JP gmr13, magpul acs stock with some lead weight in it, Cmore 4moa.
  2. Does a sd3g or hyperfire trigger work in a 9mm jp carbine. JP Web site claims a lot of triggers won't cock from the ramped bolt. Just wondering before I spend the money and it don't work... Haha
  3. Just curious since I'm not a open shooter. I just got the PCC recently. The comp is leading a bit. Running production lead and coated bullets. How do you remove the leading in the comp? Or do t worry about it and shoot?
  4. If you add weight to the jp stock it makes it feel like a 22 and takes some if the bolt slamming shut feel out of it. Buddy has a ubr stock and it's heavy.... Made a huge difference. I put a acs magpul stock on mine. I also added some lead where the batterys go in the stock storage area. It makes a difference. I have the jp gmr13 with silent capture spring. That TI stock the jp comes with isn't the best choice. Also jp will send you a lighter spring for the buffer. Haven't played with it yet. But they said I can clip a coil at a time and tune it to a load. So far my 147 production load works great.
  5. How do you get the the spring? I never took the stock off my VM yet. If I want to clean mine now or replace it since I got 2 seasons on it. How does it come apart. Who sells the Wolff spring?
  6. Mark is it labeled for the versamax or is it just a remington pad? Brownells have them?
  7. Just got my jp 9mm carbine. Haven't shot it yet, I need a sight. Looks nice and is well built.
  8. Getting excited, sending this off to Taran tommorow. Going for the RTS package and going to do the limited job. I've decided to use this for 3gun and limited minor. Anyone know if they can stipple around the frame pin holes? I'm a right handed shooter but have short thumbs. My thumb only reaches the pin holes on the left side. If they stipple the square infront of the pins my thumb won't reach it with my grip. I'm so excited about getting this done. The kid wants it now and wants to shoot with me. This will be good family time. The grip reduction or what ever it's called to make it point more true is perfect I've heard. I've emailed a few of the gals taran sponsors and they tell me this pistol package is awesome. They say if your not a Glock person you will be. They say the trigger is so sweet and bout the best one out there. They say you can't get better with a striker fired gun. Man I can't wait to get it sent off this week. Keep up the awesome work and thanks to the Shooters who's answered my questions about this package. - Chris
  9. He emailed me this.... I'm still searching for the best ammo to run in the GMR. Best 147g plated performance with 3.5g titegroup @ 100 yards isn't very impressive, 6-8 MOA. I tried factory115 FMJ @ 50 yards & it's a little better. I haven't tested 124 or 147 factory FMJs yet. I had a little issue with ejector coming loose. JP sent a new style ejector with counter sunk holes & iron screws instead of the stainless set screws. They said the stainless won't stay tight. Sent from BJ's iPhone
  10. Any body have any go to loads for the gmr13 9? Talked to my buddy and he has one. He's having a heck of a time working up a load.
  11. I haven't shot it yet, still need to get ammo loaded and buy a sight. I heard the bolt doesn't stay back on last shot. Thanks for all the info so far. The attention to detail is very good. I really like how they used Glock magazines. Does the 147 have a lot of drop at 100?
  12. Anyone have a gmr13 Rifle? I just got one yesterday. What are you running for sights? I'm thinking 4moa C-more railway. What are you guys doing for ammo or loading? I haven't shot it yet, I need to load ammo. Do they prefer 147/124/115 any one over the other? Do they like them loaded hot or powder puff steel challenge ammo? What are you guys zeroing in at? 100 or 50.... I was thinking short, mostly going to use it in pistol Bay type uspsa style matches. What are you shooting for group size? 2 or 3" or more like 5/6 inch groups. I'm new to the pistol caliber carbine rifles. I'm not sure what to expect or what I should be going for. Any info on load data or zero distance for the gmr13 9 mm would be appreciated. I figured if you folks had one maybe you found a good bullet weight and load. Just trying to save a little time and figure out which weight of bullets to buy. Thanks.
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