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  1. "I've played with one of the Geissele 3 Gun triggers once, and I still cannot wrap my head around why someone would want to put something like that in any gun. But to each his or her own." ^^Well said. I've had a couple of the Geissles (3G & another whose name has escaped me). I found them both to come up short of the hype & gave them away.
  2. What barrel are you using? Also, what are your groups like with other ammo (whats your best group)?
  3. I'm a Zombie AND I like lasers; do you think this scope is right for me?
  4. Thanks for all the great responses guys. Pinman, I appreciate your input. -Ruf
  5. The accuracy comments surprise me. 5x5s aren't an issue, nor A head shots @ 25.
  6. This is the most praise I've heard for this powder in a public forum, I can feel the love. I've always been a fan of the lighter bullets. Pinman & Twodownzero, thanks for the tip; I had never had anyone specifically say that, but I have always used bullets on the lighter side of what is common. 135-155 is what I like in a 40 & I like the 121-125 in 9.
  7. I love clays powder in 40 & 9mm. I shoot mostly 3G but used it a lot for IPSC 40 Major. I've loaded some 9mm with it. Currently I have a load @ 1.17 oal Montana Gold 124 FMJ & 4.0gr of Clays. It seems to make a great 3G load in the 6" 9 S_I coming in at 125pf & 1000fps. I am unable to comprehend how everyone carrys on about it being so "unsafe". I'm interested to hear what loads others are using with Clays. -Ruf
  8. 4th go was Voight v. Butler. Voight got a reshoot (not for a scope issue) and then spoke to the ROs at the rifle he had just shot. An RO shot the rifle, missed, took off the caps, touched the adjustments, shot a few, touched the adjustments again, shot a few more and then put the caps back on. Voight then beat Butler on the reshoot. That is as straight as I can relay my observation. Therein lies the problem. Im surprised the three guys who were beat didnt complain about a scope being re-zeroed. This should have been grounds for a re-shoot of the whole match. Again with the assumptions. Reread Mark's comment. As one who has court/legal experience he specifically indicates to you that although those of us in attendance saw the incident in question we still don't know if the adjustments were changed/confirmed/checked etc. only that they may have been questioned. If in fact adjustments were made an assumption could be made that the match administrators would have offered reshoots, and conversely if reshoots were not offered then the assumption would be no adjustments were made. My simple point is instead of making broad accusations of impropriety, stop and consider that nothing inappropriate occurred. The work that went in to making 3 Gun Nation successful for the last couple of years and growing incredibly quickly was phenomenal and not without significant risk. I think when questions arise they have earned the benefit of the doubt....and many thanks. How you can take the description of events and somehow glean from it that a rifle wasn't rezeroed has me scratching my head. I don't think anyone has suggested impropriety. I think that someone dropped the ball when the decision was made to change scopes and change ammunition, and a rifle wasn't properly zeroed. Mistakes happen. The situation could have been rectified after Voigt requested a zero correction by letting previous shooters reshoot as well. Again mistakes happen but it seems like the desire instead is to sweep the whole thing under a rug. Nobody has condemned 3GN or the sponsors because they have undoubtedly done a tremendous service to the sport. Major matches would not happen without the sponsors. But so far the evidence that I have seen suggests that a mistake was made, and the response so far has given me no confidence that it is even being acknowledged. How is this beneficial to the integrity of the sport as a whole? Well put by a reasonable voice.
  9. This doesn't damage the sport from an outside perspective, its damage is internal to the participants. I hope there is a good explanation & respect afforded to the participants. Is it possible the connections & support from companies will allow the 3GN machine to run on its own now with out that regard?.....
  10. yeah, it was quite a night. I still have the cat.

  11. Hey Damon!

    You poop out a cat?

  12. I was very impressed with everything. The match atmosphere was one of the friendliest I have seen, Jim was great & Sheldon has really earned my respect as a match administrator. Sandara & Julie were in the stats shack doing a great job with #s. I think Julie is going to be the next Spice Girl, "Sassy Spice". Stage 9 was money. The hill leading to 8 & 9 should have been a side event "hill climb" requiring rental vehicles only for entry.
  13. I've had some bad experiences with them. Nothing dramatic but also in running some stages in major matches I do see them fail more than steel mags. Conversely I think Daniel Horner ran them at the Pro/AM, he probably doenst use them for long though....... its a crap shoot. I have GI mags wtih GI followers, an HK mag & C-products that have been absolutely GREAT.
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