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  1. Bar-Sto Pistol

    Best thing since sliced bread!!!!love all of mine
  2. Wide bodies

    For Kalifornia I shoot a Bar-Sto bs-40 with a shortened dust cover and a 5" bushing barrel.All you have to do is buy a stock bs-40 then send it back to Irv and he will do his thing....it will cost some bucks though.I have never shot anything I liked better!
  3. Bar-sto barrels have NEVER let me down.Great product and service.Try one and you will see!!
  4. experience w Bar-Sto BS-40

    I love my Bar-Sto,it runs 100% and is the most accurate pistol I have ever fired.I shoot Steel Challenge limited division and to be honest just changing over to the Bar-sto gun took 10 seconds off my over all time!It might have somthing to do with the grip fitting me perfectly but I will take it...best 2k I have ever spent
  5. Best Barrel Bushing?

    I like Ed Browns bushings...
  6. Open Blaster

    Wow!I want that!!!
  7. Latest Trends In Magwells For Single Stack 1911s

    Too Funny!
  8. .40 Minor For Steel....

    Please help,I am trying to work up a load for my Bar-sto bs40.I have a BUNCH of winchester 231 powder so thats what im going to burn first. So far I have loaded 3.8 grains of 231 with a lazer cast 180 gr. flat point and they still seem a little hot for steel.I have a 16# recoil spring ant its still kicking the brass out about 6 feet! Should I go down to 3.5 grains?Thanks in advance -Chad-
  9. Sti Edge Vs. Custom Limited Gun

    I ended up buying the Bar-Sto bs-40 and am very happy with the gun and the service I have received from Irv.My wait time was abouth two months and it was worth it! my .02
  10. I Think........

    thanks guys!mine is on the way!!!!
  11. I Think........

    I think I need a Bar-Sto bs-40....I live in Ca and want the BEST limited gun for Steel Challenge I can buy.I would love to hear from someone who has shot one!!!Any advice would be very helpfull in making my decision.Thanks in advance guys.
  12. Who To Send A Xd9 Tactical For Work?

    I got to play with one of the Bar-Sto guns and loved everything about it.Its on my want list!
  13. +1 on the Steel Challenge match,Its a blast!!
  14. Check This Out!

    thanks for all the nice comments guys!He cant wait to get his award!
  15. Check This Out!

    I am a super proud dad today,my 11 year old son Dennis shot his first match on Dec 2(his b-day)at the Steel Challenge state match and won the pre- teen division!!!!!He is the pre teen state champion! I think his head is the size of a car right now.....