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  1. I had the same problem, had 2 first one would not wake up put back up on and two matches later it went out. Sent both back to Leopold and 3 weeks later they were sent back with new circuit boards , so we will see how long they work this time. Both only had 4k -6 k rounds on them
  2. I have the DDA mount for the Aimpoint and a Romeo 4 , the H1 mounting holes are about 3/8 " shorter than the Romeo. The mount is too short to drill any other mounting holes
  3. Bullets are too big, find some sized to .400 .I had the same problem and that solved it
  4. Thanks, that is the problem, I looked at the rule book, it does not say anything a bout the frame ,just the slide Thanks again
  5. I have a Colt 1911 that has been used for NRA Bullseye,it has holes drilled in the dust cover of the frame to facilitate the installation of a frame mounted optic. I want to remount the iron sights and use it in Single Stack. Question ,will this be legal ?
  6. Has anyone direct mounted a DeltaPoint Pro to a P320? I am looking for a larger dot that the 3 moa that comes on the 320rx
  7. 310yuma

    320RX in stock

    I think that was the one, but I only just looked at it quickly in the case
  8. 310yuma

    320RX in stock

    Just picked up a p320rx from Big Bend Outfitters in Perry, Florida for $785, they told me that got 6 in last week and now they only have one left They also have the model ? 226 with the Romeo 1 mounted,places looks like they stock a large amount of Sig items
  9. I have had several sets of Nill grips and they were never loose and when new they were very tight. Over the years I have had grips get sloppy and just shimmed them. If you are concerned you should just contact Nill.
  10. Unless something change last night only the 9mm is on the production list, my son has made several calls to both Sig and USPSA with no postive results as to when the other calibers will be placed on the list
  11. 3.2 gr v320 147 Black and Blue ,1.15 oal chrono at IRC today 128 pf Very clean with soft recoil
  12. You can only cut 38 special case down to 38 super (.9 or so) without reaming inside of case (not worth it) I cut some down but found it was much easier just to buy short colt cases from Starline They last a long time, I think out of 3k cases in the last 3 years I have found 2 split cases
  13. You young guys make me laugh ,I shot NRA bulleye in almost another life time started and really did not shoot USPSA until I was 65 . I am the old guy with the revolver, but that is what I like to shoot. I stared out with a C classification , became a B with a national bump, but plan to make A before the year is out. Eyes don't work as well and some snails are faster but I am having fun. We are not here for a long time but for a good time.
  14. I had the front sight pop out on both a stock 627 and another with a Weigand sight base. On the smith I just put a pin in it as I really do not need to change it anyway. On the Weigland base I punched out the front pin and tapped the base for a 8-32 set screw Have not lost either since the mods
  15. They have most of the big chain ones Comfort (we like), Best Western, HolidayInn and others .All are somewhat close to the range as it is only sevreal miles out of town
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