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  1. Glock Extended Mag Release In CO...

    "That's fine - you're allowed to shoot for no score."
  2. PCC at Major Matches

    Any RO who states they can't run PCC shooters should have their RO credentials revoked.
  3. Glock 19X and Gen 5 34 (MOS) Released

    What? Blue Label price on the 19X is $533.50 and it comes with Glock Night Sights. 34 Gen 5 (MOS only) are $558.50 and $636, respectively, for the base model and the AG Bold model (both are available). IMO, the AG Bold are just fine for competition and if you don't want an MOS 34 you're better off with the 34 Gen 4 @ $480.70 (base). Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. You're only stuck with the GNS on the 19X. Most competitive shooters aren't going to run a 19X (are they?).
  4. Glock 19X and Gen 5 34 (MOS) Released

    Supposedly Glock re-engineered the metal to remove the need for the slide cut and keep the same weight.
  5. Glock 19X and Gen 5 34 (MOS) Released

    Correct. The frame is shorter by 1/2" than the 17.
  6. Glock 19X and Gen 5 34 (MOS) Released

    Glock announced all sort of new pistols today including the 19X and 34 Gen 5. The 19X is basically a Glock 17 Gen 5 with a Glock 19 slide, a paint job and factory Glock Night Sights along with two of the three mags coming with the +2 floorplates. Oh, and it can't use Gen 5 mags because it has a "toe" on the magwell that was part of the MHS specs. No flared magwell, either. The Gen 5 Glock 34 is exactly what you'd expect. All the Gen 5 improvements and only in an MOS variant. No details yet on a lower RMR cut or any changes to the mounting system. 19X: https://19x.glock.us
  7. Ruger PC Carbine

    The same hand that should be reaching for/bringing up a mag as the current one is being ejected? Slow, slow, slow.
  8. Ruger PC Carbine

    Interesting thoughts on Steel Challenge. The more I think about it, the more the placement of the mag release might hamper USPSA use.
  9. Ruger PC Carbine

    Right in front of the trigger like the 10/22? Perfect spot. Rest the trigger finger on it before the buzzer and snap it off as you come up to fire.
  10. Ruger PC Carbine

    Looks like it's just a molded line.
  11. Ruger PC Carbine

    I can't wait to get my hands on one of these to see if I like it enough for PCC. My concerns mirror other posters: Yep. This is something I'm going to need to get a feel for to see if it'll work. Looking at it I'm not hopeful. Yep. I get why it is where it is but really wish they'd done the engineering to either move it back a bit or give some sort of lever the firing hand could reach forward and trip.
  12. What is Engaging a Target?

    Agreed. The ONLY time a determination is is made/matters on whether something is a target is during stage design/approval and at the commencement of the COF. In other words, all targets that qualify as such at the start of a COF are targets throughout the COF and through scoring. Targets don't magically become "not targets" because they go down. At that point, they're just downed steel targets and nothing prevents re-engaging them. A simple "I glanced at it and thought it wasn't down" is enough to beat any challenge to firing a shot at it. As for the RM, they'll have already determined it's a target before commencement of firing at the match.
  13. What is Engaging a Target?

    You do not get a reshoot because you can't engage a target. You get a reshoot for range equipment failure. At the start of a valid course of fire at least 50% of the calibration zone must be visible. That's the only requirement regarding visibility. Agreed.
  14. What is Engaging a Target?

    Whether it's down or not is a secondary concern. If it's a valid target at the start of the COF it's a valid target at the end of the COF. Whether it's up or down is a concern for scoring. So if I put a round downrange towards a downed steel target after ULSC is that a DQ since it wasn't in the direction of a target? Of course there's a calibration zone on a downed target. The physical properties of a target don't change whether it's up or down. There's no need to calibrate a downed target, however.
  15. What is Engaging a Target?

    No, he's saying once a target always a target as long as at least 50% of the calibration zone was visible from a shooting position. Up and down don't change it being a target.