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  1. Flying with Guns

    I think we are agreed on that...
  2. furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    I'm probably 50/50 for first shot at an 8" plate at 100 yards when I try it with my 1911 .45 My 7.5" Ruger Vaquero .45 Colt took a mule deer with one shot to the boiler room at 105 yards using 225-gr Winchester SilverTip.
  3. Scoring stage as shot with no shot on timer

    Good point, but mathematics allows for certain definitions, as in "just because." For example, 0! = 1 for no mathematical reason except we need it to be so.
  4. Flying with Guns

    I'm pretty good with commas, but where are you making that argument? From what you cited, the only time the ammo in the same case as the firearm counts as "loaded" is if you are in the commission of a felony. From what I've heard all my life, it is quite common for a handgun to be stored in a locked case in a car, and a loaded magazine in the same locked case, but not in the firearm, and that is perfectly legal for normal transportation. The magazine is not attached to the firearm, even if in the same case. I have heard of someone making that argument that a having shells in the sidesaddle attached to a shotgun might meet some lawyer's definition, though. Are you saying having a loaded magazine at all, anywhere, counts as a loaded firearm? I think that's only in Washington, DC. I will admit that I am a state-certified firearms lawyer, but only in two easy states: Nevada and Utah. I don't think it's possible to be an expert in California.
  5. Beretta 92fs

    Appendix D4 21.2b Milling of slide - only as required to insert sights.
  6. Commercial 9mm major loads.

    No more "liable" than any other non-SAAMI loads on the niche market, like .45 Colt +P, and .38/9 +P+, etc.
  7. Trust but Verify, a Chrono Story.

    You should charge money for advice that good!
  8. I didn't think so (all Wilson mags with Dawson basepads), but I was having other issues with my 9mm RO running well, and was going for Major at Area 1 and Limited-10 Major this week at Multigun Nationals (heavy Metal division), so I've been concentrating so much with the .45 that I haven't gotten back to running the 9mm RO yet. It was my entry gun at the Berry's Steel Open in January, but extractor broke on the second stage and I had to shoot the match with the nothing-but-disadvantages .45 after all. Next month, I'll be able to put some more time into running the 9mm.
  9. Trust but Verify, a Chrono Story.

    I went to this match having never been through a Chrono, and with factory ammo because I didn't have time to verify handloads. Turns out that S&B .45 ACP FMJ is at 183! Also, I wouldn't have known if I'd been scored incorrectly, as I'd not studied that part of the rules. I know now! On the plus side, I did have my rule book with me, so I know I would have been reading it if something happened.
  10. Scoring stage as shot with no shot on timer

    Maybe he's paraphrasing from 9.10.1: ...If a timing device is faulty, a competitor whose attempt cannot be credited with an accurate time will be required to reshoot the stage. But this isn't about a faulty timing device, merely not being able to enter a 0.00 that was earned. If I were RO or MD, I would not allow a reshoot for this. If the competitor tried to lawyer this one, I'd score him by hand, and tell him he'll have to wait for the bean-counter to see his results instead of the convenience of Practiscore. Would that be allowed, or would I be required to Practiscore him? Thank you, Bkreutz, for asking for a citation.
  11. I'll also be in Open Minor, with a new gun still being finished. Didn't get to shoot it last weekend, but we have a Super Classifier match at the very end of the month. Hopefully, it will be ready then!
  12. Yes, you need the bigger basepads for reliable (and pain-free) magazine seating with the Dawson ICE. Good point to check the rear sight on your pistol. I got lucky; as I never thought of that and just trusted that my pistol would fit the box when I got to Area 1. It never even occurred to me that, duh, a taller rear sight would mean less wiggle room at the magwell. Fortunately, I'm using a Kimber Classic Custom with rounded combat sights that are pretty low. I'm glad you brought this up and that I asked for specifics. I'm actually going to go measure my SAI RO 9mm gun. I use the same Dawson set-up, but it has the factory adjustable sights. While I've cut and filed off their sharp edges, I'd better make sure they aren't any taller than allowed. It's never been tested in the box.
  13. Open gun holster

    Honestly, until you are close to winning and that's what you are going for, your pistol draw is one of the last edges you can get in Multigun. You have plenty of time to see what others are using in the meantime. You can draw from a confidently secure Production/SS-legal holster and it won't affect your standings until you are in matches with 300+ competitors. Until you get good at the rifle shooting and the shotgun reloading, anything related to your pistol gear is way down the list of improvements to make. I use the same SS-legal Bladetech kydex holster for all disciplines.
  14. So it's okay to be within 45º of other competitors while you are practicing your draw at your Safety Areas? Why is it that we allow handling of our UNLOADED guns only at Safety Areas? Because we always treat them as loaded! What is acceptable when engaging targets isn't germane? People are sometimes well within 45º of a muzzle firing bullets under time pressure, and we are okay with that, but a deliberate inspection of a firearm carefully pointed at a berm is bad if people are 45 degrees away because of your Safety Area design? If you are uncomfortable using your Safety Area to inspect a possibly loaded firearm, you need to make new Safety Areas.
  15. Flying with Guns

    Can you cite the CA law that forbids it? Last I heard, it was legal, as long as the firearms were not loaded, and handgun cases were locked, so if things are different, knowing would be good. If you don't know the law, please cite to where you heard it so we can get on the same page.