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  1. SVI Build- AET or Not?

    Brandon will tell you that jacketed are the way to go with AET. I of course tried plated at 170pf, Brandon was right and I am dumb.
  2. Starting with a "basic" gun

    I would like to play devils advocate... I bought a gun that will forever outclass me and it has helped me get a little better. Simply for the fact that I love the gun and it calls to me in my sleep to do more handling and firing. My minority case, the gear helped before I shot out my old one, just because I suddenly shot more. That aside, going back to the old gun, I now function better with it as well...Nothing more ammo would not have helped, but a spoon full of sugar I guess... ps. I agree with shoot what you have
  3. Steel Grip Comparison

    For me the SV aggressive feels like fighting a porcupine. I don't like grip lotions or anything on my hands so it works well for me with sweat, oil, or even half of the exxon valdez. After the first stage of the day I don't notice it at all but it sticks wherever you put it. Plus, you can always shave some of the spike off, but putting more on is a little tougher.
  4. Infinity

    Mine is the first larger purchase that I did not have immediate buyers remorse. The wait was torturous, but even then after just touching one nothing else would do. Once I got mine in my hands the cost was a better value than I could have hoped for. And it just keeps getting better every time I shoot it.
  5. Bolt Carrier Group Lubrication

    Big believer in slide glide now, I use it on everything pistol, rifle, shot gun, and press.
  6. advice for new shooter

    I tossed money at an SV, not thinking it would help me but because they are shiny and I like shiny things. The money was well spent, I got compliments on my groups on targets last match (not speed, I am molasses) and that is a huge improvement because I haven't slowed. The only thing I attribute it to is the fact that because I am in love with that gun I show it 10x more attention. 2 hours after the background check I had 300 rounds downrange. 1000 the first week, up from my normal 300/2weeks. I had never dry fired, now 4-5 times a week if nothing more than a reason to touch it. Amazing enough (sarcasm) I go back to my old gun and it does much better as well. I have no right to give any advice on this stage, but this is one time I got lucky for it to have unintended consequences that went my way.
  7. Middle finger for trigger finger?

    I have a hard time closing my middle finger without twitching the index. I tried doing it just now and the sight picture rocks the same as if I slapped the trigger. I do tend to have the grace and dexterity of a 3 year old though.
  8. Why sight tracker?

    I just finished breaking my new one in (replacing the recoil spring in the morning) and I am not sure what to say. I came from a para 45 with really soft loads and I expected more violence out of the SV in 40. I shot the last 200 in load development and just having fun, and at a 175 pf it is as soft as the 45 was. I don't loose the sights till the slide cycles forward (over sprung for the break in I assume?) they dip just slightly then they are back without me telling it where to go. I despise F.O. sights and this little dark square ends up where I need it instinctively.
  9. Caliber Conversions on an XL650

    9 to 40 is no sweat. I just got my 650 Thursday and set up the 40 side. I don't have my 40 pistol yet(the wait is killing me) so I decided to swap to 45. It took less than 4 minutes and that included swapping the small primer stuff out for large and this was my first time even seeing a 650 in person. Don't skimp on the extra measure! Even with the same powder plug and play is nice.