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  1. 17 or 19

    I own both. If I had to pick one to keep it would be the 17.
  2. How many people usually attend? My local matches are usually only around 35/50.
  3. stork coming to see us!

    Congrats. We lived off baby shower diapers for almost 8 months!
  4. XDm 5.25 trigger work

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll probably be in contact with SP before the end of next month.
  5. XDm 5.25 trigger work

    I have an XDm 5.25 .40 cal and would like to improve its mushy trigger. I have previously owned the 4.5 XDm and don't remember it being as bad as my 5.25. Is there anywhere I can send my gun to improve this that has a decent turnaround time. I don't need this gun tomorrow or anything but I don't like sending my guns off somewhere for 6-8 months either. I'm not a high speed, low drag operator wannabe or someone who will be competing for a living either. I just appreciate a good trigger and like to maximize my firearms potential. Any suggestions or personal experiences are welcomed. Thank you.
  6. XD-m-4.5 vs. 5.25

    I traded in my 4.5 for a 5.25 a couple months ago. I wouldn't say I regret it but I just don't notice any significant difference in my shooting. I actually think I shot the 4.5 better.
  7. Finally picked up the Limited Pro 10mm

    Very tempting...
  8. How much ammo?

    I load all mags before I leave the house and make sure I have another 250 rounds in my bag. I've never used more than 180-200
  9. 125 gr 9mm Round Nose and Lone Wolf Barrel

    Maybe try a truncated cone/ conical nose style bullet.
  10. 125 gr 9mm Round Nose and Lone Wolf Barrel

    Load shorter- just work up your load again with the new OAL, or choose a new bullet, or pay them to ream your barrel Your choice. But if it were me... I'd load shorter if possible with that bullet.
  11. I so hate Texas stars!

    If I wanted to buy one to practice with what vendor is the cheapest?
  12. I so hate Texas stars!

    I've only shot 2 matches, one of them having a TX star I really enjoyed it, probably because I shot it well (lucky first try) but I liked the change of pace. It did take a little longer to set the stage back up though. There were 21 steel total.
  13. Anyone know of a Brass trimming service?

    What caliber?
  14. A good cleaning and lube between matches. I clean my 22 when they start jamming up on me.
  15. Shooting steel vs IPSC targets

    Last match I shot I did significantly better on the stages that had the most steel targets. (One stage had 21 steel )