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  1. So whenever I do a reload with my 92FS compact, I get pinched when I put a new mag in. Anybody else have this problem? How do you mitigate it? I really like the pistol, and it shoots great, I just can't run it very well if it keeps biting me when I change a magazine. Would it help if I used full sized magazines? I would just buy a full sized gun, but money's a bit short at the moment.
  2. As a rule, doodie is full of high school locker room humor, but they were the first ones to break the news about the USPSA cheating scandal, they do know a bit about shooting, and they will absolutely not pull any punches whatsoever. If you come to the forum looking for advice and you're willing to take useful advice without an ounce of sugarcoating, they'll give it to you.... ........and a bunch of genitalia related humor.
  3. If you want to be competitive, you'll want either a 38 super or a 40 loaded to major. If not, I'd just shoot the TRP and have fun
  4. I don't go there very often, but I heard at a match today that Doodie got nuked again, but that this time, it was permanent...
  5. http://www.brownells.com/schematics/Colt-/1911-Government-Models-sid141.aspx This was pretty useful to me
  6. I used one for a bit. It wasn't my taste due to the thickness it added to the grip, but it did help me get a much higher grip on the gun. Ultimately, I ditched it because the benefits I got shooting it freestyle were not worth the drawbacks it left me with shooting SHO/WHO. For some reason, it was painful for me to reach that far forward with my trigger finger when shooting one handed. YMMV
  7. This! Use that website all the time. See you on the range!
  8. Hey everyone! I just got in a batch of 124 grain 9mm pills from SNS. Do you load these like cast bullets or like FMJ? I'll be using Power Pistol, Titegroup, and Bullseye. Anybody have opinions on which powder is better to use?
  9. 45dotACP

    Glock warranty

    If it's that big of a deal, just go to a GSSF match. From what I understand, they have armorers that will work on your pistol for free.
  10. Thoughts or opinions? Seemed like a decent pistol when I was eyeing it in the gun store. Liked the feel of the trigger, and the overall feel felt similar to my Glock, which I also liked. I don't really need a huge aftermarket, but if there are no mags, holsters, or sights then I'm likely to pass. I'm between this and a Sig Pro, which also interests me.
  11. 45dotACP


    I have heard the Federal Air Marshals were looking at them until the test guns went tango uniform. Supposedly the problems were fixed but who can say for sure. I'd probably just wait and see what their new striker fired design looks like.
  12. 45dotACP

    sig 2022 pro in 9mm

    I don't see it as a competition gun. I shot a Sig pro 2340 a little bit. The gun was very reliable and it would have made a decent CCW piece, but for USPSA or IPSC there are better choices. IDPA would be a good use for it though.
  13. If the martial artist in you practices a form like Taekwondo, you'd realize that a turn and draw is basically a spinning kick. You snap the head to locate the target, and let the feet just sort of uncoil themselves. I always thought I'd be faster turning away from the gun because I'd bring it up to my chest as I was turning and punch it out, but for some reason it just never worked that way.
  14. You might be more well served by shooting IDPA. You can use your carry holster and the courses of fire are shorter. There are some silly rules, but you could definitely shoot the PPS in USPSA in a different division, like limited. Have fun!
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