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  1. Thumb Rests

    Tried one on my limited but found it affected follow up shots as the gun twisted a bit instead of straight up and down, took it back off and shot much better. But on an open gun I love it. I loved it on the limited too as far as how it felt...but
  2. 2011 frame, Phoenix Trinity / or/ CK frame?

    Nick the three frames with 6" slides. What ramp cut? Or no cut at all. I can PM for a price if the frame to slide fit is already done?
  3. mag drop issues

    I have had to grind the opposite side of the mag button as when pressed all the way it pinched the mag tube in place. Quick and easy fix though
  4. Extended Ejectors for STI - Any experience

    Is there a side to side angle too? To help where it ejects?
  5. Compensator Fitting Question

    Wow that's a lot of work from the video. Thread retainer not locker ..hmmm so mo pinning it on
  6. 38 super comp dies

    Thanks for the ideas so far. Seems on track for what I was hoping. Did not want yo mess up with the 38sc
  7. 38 super comp dies

    I did not know the Dillon she'll plates where numbered. I will have to look that up
  8. 38 super comp dies

    I like the adjustment from the micrometer. I use Lee seating and crimp dies for my 40 & 9, which is nice when switching head profiles to make a quick turn to keep OAL.
  9. 38 super comp dies

    I need to get dies and a shell plate to load 38 SC. I plan to get the EGW U dies for sizing and not sure what to use for seat and crimp? Also I have seem different ideas on what to use for the shell plate for a Dillon 650? I have a few powders to test what loads I like, personal feel type testing. I just need to work out some loads for major. Thanks, Dave