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  1. tcazes

    Romeo 1

    Go to academy. Check their scope mount sections. I had to go get screws today because my Romeo 1 didn't come with them.
  2. I hope yours has the screws in it. My box came with one and it was WAY wrong. I had to go buy a scope mount kit and use the screws from it. Sig made it right by sending some but still....
  3. • Weight (with battery installed): 1.9oz. ( 53.8g)Leupold® DeltaPoint® Pro.Reflex Sight. romeo 3 Weight 1.4 oz / 40 g cr 2032 battery Typical Weight: 3.0 grams (0.10 oz.) so total 43g doesnt mean we want you here!
  4. go away. stop trolling the dpp threads!
  5. lol all good. trust me i went there first lol
  6. 300 blackout isnt on that list. i still have that list on my bench
  7. ok so on my 650 im currently loading for 9 major and want to tool up my spare tool head for 300 blk. with that being said, what are the part numbers i would need to convert it to 300bo? am i better off just getting the dillon carbide dies or should i just go with the lee die set? if i have read correctly i dont need to change my shell plate, pins, or shell guide since those are all the same for small pistol and small rifle. so what else would i need other than dies? which powder funnel?
  8. tcazes


    i like federal small pistol magnum or cci. winchesters are hit or miss for me. they never ran in my square deal b. may try them again eventually since i run a 650 now
  9. I like every single feature of the dpp better. From battery changeability to overall design. No regrets.
  10. I know atlas makes their own as well.
  11. i have loaded up to 7.6 wac under a 124pd with barely any pressure signs on a cci 500. i load 7.1 for my regular 171pf load.
  12. Stay off of concrete and you will get a few years
  13. Nice. I couldn't get a 4mm pad to fit the guage so I run a 3mn tti
  14. If you have old style just get new pads and guts
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