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  1. i dont see any benefit to a super heavy gun though. just takes more muscle to control the stops in transitions and get it moving again.
  2. should work fine. just keep it flush. i was tempted to do something like that
  3. all this new change and still no magwell. come on. open poor needs a magwell jeeze lol
  4. 11# is the lightest to go for multi primer use, 8# is 100% for federals. 13# if you shoot factory ammo.
  5. if they are just too long why not cut them to size.....
  6. i had to focus more on my trigger press after shortening things up since i naturally put my finger farther in after the change. im fine with where the trigger STARTS stock i just didnt want such a long travel trigger. it shortens things up quite a bit.
  7. I am forever going to call it a peanut lug now rofl
  8. the comp doesnt do anything for the barrel pressure it just directs the gasses in favor of recoil mitigation. thats it. the pressure a barrel sees in dependent on the load.
  9. tcazes

    P-01 Load data

    i couldnt edit my original post but here is a few different loads i tested. so far 135 is my happy place lol
  10. tcazes

    P-01 Load data

    Sweet then I'll do 4.1, 4.3 see where that stands and adjust from there
  11. tcazes

    P-01 Load data

    ill make up 3.8 (which im 90% sure will be too soft), 4.1, 4.3 and test then report back.
  12. tcazes

    P-01 Load data

    digging around my old load data and i have some for my old SP-01 running 4.1gr n320 at 1.13ish oal and 124gr if i recall making 130 or so pf. does anyone have any data for the p01? i grabbed a 99041 and need some data for the heavy little compact. i was thinking of starting at 4 gr and working up from there. i had some 5.3wac under a 124 pd jhp and they were pretty hot but accurate as all get out. i plan to chrono them too but want to have a good starting point for 320 too since i have 16lbs of it and am out of wac lol.
  13. tcazes

    Romeo 1

    Go to academy. Check their scope mount sections. I had to go get screws today because my Romeo 1 didn't come with them.
  14. I hope yours has the screws in it. My box came with one and it was WAY wrong. I had to go buy a scope mount kit and use the screws from it. Sig made it right by sending some but still....
  15. • Weight (with battery installed): 1.9oz. ( 53.8g)Leupold® DeltaPoint® Pro.Reflex Sight. romeo 3 Weight 1.4 oz / 40 g cr 2032 battery Typical Weight: 3.0 grams (0.10 oz.) so total 43g doesnt mean we want you here!
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