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  1. 6 Procedurals?

    I don't see any procedurals in the OP. As others have said, ask him/her to cite the rule for you. If you don't have 1 already, grab a hard copy of the rules somewhere and keep it in your bag.
  2. Jump shot out side of shooting area legal?

    Watching the video I would give you 2 procedurals. For firing shots outside of the shooting area. If the WSB indicated that this was a forbidden action, that's a whole other kettle of fish. Shooting Boxes and Fault Lines are used to define the limits of the shooting area(s). (See Rule 10.2.1) 10.2.1 A competitor who fires shots while any part of their body is touching the ground or while stepping on an object beyond a Shooting Box or a Fault Line, or who gains support or stability through contact with an object which is wholly beyond and not attached to a Shooting Box or Fault Line, will receive one procedural penalty for each occurrence. However, if the competitor has gained a significant advantage on any target(s) while faulting, the competitor may instead be assessed one procedural penalty for each shot fired at the subject target(s) while faulting. No penalty is assessed if a competitor does not fire any shots while faulting, providing doing so does not violate ( or 3.2.6) Shots fired after completely (both feet out and touching the ground) leaving a shooting area will be penalized one penalty per shot until the competitor establishes a presence in a new shooting area with at least one foot on the ground inside the shooting area.
  3. XD 9 tactical durability?

    I have about 14k through mine. No problems so far. If you have doubts, send it off to Canyon Creek. Rich does a fantastic job on XD's.
  4. Show off your reloading bench/room

    -10 degrees in MN this morning, -25 wind chill. Good day to reload. Got the new SDB set up yesterday in 9mm. The .40 SDB was lonely.
  5. Thanks Guys. It's time to go shopping
  6. Building a rifle for multi-gun. I want to shoot Tactical Division. According to the rule book; 5.1.4 Sights says I can mount a scope along with iron sights "The magnifier does not include an aiming reticle" I'm confused about the aiming reticle. What constitutes an aiming reticle? Am I limited to a dot type optical sight in Tactical? Thanks Ed
  7. Hey Steve. Try this link. There's a calendar section on the left. Hope that this helps. www.mnuspsa.org Ed
  8. Same here. A few flakes now & then. 4.6g TG w/180 Extremes. Reloading on a SDB.
  9. Glock 9mm vs. .40 in Open

    Thanks All. Checked the box marked Glock 17 on my certificate. Says it may take up to 20 weeks for delivery. At least I have time to consider all of my build options. Ed
  10. I won a Glock certificate at a recent match. I already own both production & limited Glocks. I'm also set up to reload both 9mm & .40. I would like to build an open Glock, but I'm on the fence on caliber. Here are the questions. What are the advantages or disadvantages of each one? Home build kits, or spend the extra dough and send it to ZEV or SJC or ? Slide mount optics or frame mount? Other ideas or advice? Thanks Ed
  11. 7.3.2 References in these rules to Range Officials (e.g. "Range Officer", "Range Master" etc.), mean personnel who have been officially appointed by match organizers to actually serve in an official capacity at the match. Persons who are certified Range Officials, but who are actually participating in the match as regular competitors, have no standing or authority as Range Officials for that match. Such persons should therefore not participate in the match wearing garments bearing Range Official insignia.
  12. Fixed it this AM. I adjusted the flare a bit smaller, and it works. Thanks to all. Ed
  13. OK, got it narrowed down. The cases are being over flared at the powder die. If I bypass the priming/powder stage, seat & crimp bullet, they gauge fine.