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  1. Lots of votes for the stoeger, I purchased a M 3000 a few months ago based on threads like this one. Extended tube, polished, extended bolt, opened the port ect..... close to 1000 rounds through it, it has NOT ran reliably since I got it. If ran hard the hammer will follow the bolt down on a live round. Very ammo type sensitive and harder recoil than gas guns. Sent back to stoeger/ benelli, tech went through it, replaced action spring, no issues when running 60 rounds. I still get a failure to fire if ran fast. The tech made a comment on the bottom of my repair sheet, "you can out run the action of the gun, it is possible to pull the trigger and have it follow the bolt forward" Do a little more research and you will find lots of the same issues with the Stoeger. Tons of folks have had great luck with them a you probably will also, just wanted to make you aware there are issues with some and maybe save you a $500 headache. Never had an issues with my jm930 or the versamax......yet. T.
  2. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Thanks for the suggestions, searched Benelli click and found a couple other thing to check/polish ect.... Ordered a Benelli extractor and spring so I can hopefully rule that out? Thanks,T
  3. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Spring is good, or at least it's not broke. Completely broke it down again yesterday and went through it again. Polished a couple other contact points but still couldn't find any obvious issues. Dry cycling the gun feels super smooth, nothing catching or slowing the bolt.....frustrating. Didn't get a chance to fire it yesterday. thanks.
  4. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    I picked up a m3000 turkey a few weeks ago after reading this entire thread. Got parts from MOA, polished/ tweaked everything based on the feedback from theses threads. Im having a problem with failure to fire a chambered round or sometimes failure to eject the empty. Mostly not firing a chambered round, 1 or 2 out of 25 usually. Hammer falls, hear next round on carrier but no bang. Bolt is closed and roated in place. Read all the threads about polishing the tube, burs on springs, cleaning the grease out, ammo that won't work, ammo that should etc...... have ran win AA, STS, federal, all 1 1/8 3 dram plus some reloads that are approaching 1400fps all have same issue. Couple other post with the same issue looking for help, didnt ever see a resolution??? Thinking about doing some minor adjusting around the fence post if I don't get this figured out....as far as break in period, I'm over 500 rounds through it. What am I missing, any suggestions??? Thanks.
  5. Psa extractor broke

    It apears that the other parts will fit, however I didn't pull the firing and test fit. You can order the extractor by its self, I just gambled the extra $12 for the whole kit. Figured it wouldn't hurt to have an extra firing pin. Also have a couple people that would take the CMMG pin off my hands if needed...... It apears to be a stainless steel pin vs the blue that some have mentioned come in there guns thanks,
  6. Psa extractor broke

    Just received the parts from CMMG after only 2 days, WOW. Brownells would be another week! Extractor is slightly different in apperance, dimensions seem to be the same. Dummy rounds seem to load and extract/eject fine. Will live fire test this weekend. Thanks,
  7. Psa extractor broke

    Saw brownells was out, just ordered the kit direct from CMMG. Everyone seemed to be priced the same. Thanks,
  8. Psa extractor broke

    I ordered a kit from CMMG. Will let everyone know if it fits when I get it. Thanks,
  9. Broke the extractor on my psa 9mm over the weekend. Psa won't send the part, have to send the entire bolt in for repair. Got a RA number but would rather replace on my own Instead of sending the whole bolt. Is there something special about replacing this extractor? Looks like it's held in with a pin, shouldn't be an issue??? Does anyone know if another brand extractor will fit? Would like to maybe also get a spare. kinda a PIA to send it in for an extractor repair. Thanks.
  10. Let me try this again, last thread got booted because I can't read the rules and part of my question contained a want ad After playing with the bottom feeders I thought I needed a revolver so I picked up a old 625-3 beater. The original sight is pretty beat up so I need to replace it with something. kinda decided on the Millett target rear sight but can't find one. Research here seems to suggest that they have been discontinued. The usual suppliers show discontinued or no back orders. Called Millett and they said that they have not discontinued them but at this time they were not making any??? So if I can't get a Millett what would be the next best alternative? Not sure I like the LPA but.... Is there anything else comparable to the Millett out there? Thanks.