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  1. Well said, Jeremiah! Even if you apparently live in a war zone...
  2. Some of us have a few high-quality magazines that aren't used in competition or abused in any way, yet are thoroughly tested. If you have a Taurus magazine, definitely carry a spare. Or carry eight guns, because, you know, better to have and not need, and all that.
  3. Thanks for that link, GregJ, even if it was a 7-page argument and I had to look through it to find the answer, which is still a third-hand "this is what Troy says." (Actually, note my EDIT below.) At least we have something on which to base some consistency, though it seems obvious there is ambiguity enough in the rules for an amendment for clarification, as we will continue to see competitors doing things differently. If seasoned vets insist on disadvantaging themselves, that's one thing, but when they basically "don't allow" the rookies in their squad to do something, we have a problem. Some of you will just blame the rookies for not being insistent about their interpretation of the ambiguity. Most competitors do not get to hear Troy's official third-hand opinions from these various sources. That thread even had an RO admit he's happy to bust a guys chops for following this rule interpretation, and right before he's trying to prep himself for his shoot. Sarge: My usage of "fault" was intended to be plain English, not a legal definition, and had an obvious meaning in each context. I now have some confidence in what the consistency should be, even though I am one of many who seem to disagree with Troy on this one. I will inform my squads accordingly, and I wager most will still want to do it "outside." EDIT: I just reread that other thread a bit. I find it quit a significant difference that the argument there is based on a starting position of "outside the shooting area." This thread is based on the starting position of "outside of the fault lines." I think that makes it a different argument. "Outside of the shooting area" would be one foot touching outside. "Outside of the fault lines" would reverse what would be a "fault," wouldn't it?
  4. Forum software caused a double-post. Please ignore this one, as it also doesn't seem to allow a deletion.
  5. We just went through this a couple days ago, actually: I tried to just post a link. It automatically did that box thing. Sorry. That thread is about a different pistol initially, but your question is also addressed in detail. Safety can be off when the hammer is down. For clarification, in Production, the hammer MUST be down on an SA/DA selective like the CZ.
  6. The rules say to shoot from the inside, making anything touching outside a fault. So if told to start outside, it seems that anything touching inside would be a fault. But I will certainly yield to settled consistency from the authority. My greatest fear has been relaxed however. I was so sure I was going to get flamed for asking a stupid and obvious question!
  7. Perfectly described why my gut says this as well. The glossary definition of the fault lines for shooting area is why I want what you say to be correct. We are now dealing with a starting position, not a shooting position, therefore touching the inside at all should be a fault when told to start outside.
  8. The first squad pretty much had me convinced it was legal even though i didn't like it, and firmly believed it outside of the MD's intention, and then the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like it and figured it was probably wrong, but I wasn't going to do anything about it. Then the second squad, which had much older USPSA shooters, convinced me I was right. I agree that going through the rule book this evening hasn't done me any good. I give no fault whatsoever to "gamers." That's the rules. It's a sport. And the writers need to get better at anticipating it. Thanks, guys. It nice to see some uniformity in the opinions here so far. I give a lot more credence to the discussions here than on the typical local squad.
  9. Here's an experience from last weekend's March Madness event in Las Vegas. Several of the stages were to start outside of the fault lines. Initially I was in Squad 2, and that's where I did my first prep period. The squad decided that it was legal to start with one foot in the fault line and the other out. Their reasoning was that a shot fired in such a position would be "out." I didn't like it, but without being able to give a rule (my book was in the truck and it would probably take too long to find something) I just said that it wasn't my reasoning. This was a level 1 and there were no trophy girls, so I'm not running to the MD. Anyway, it then turns out that my name was no longer in the squad list and I was now in Squad 3. So I had to run next door and watch other shooters to figure out what to do there. I was one of few Single Stacks (and Major at that) in the match, and had to do stages very differently from everyone else, but I was far enough down the list to be okay. Anyway, when I mentioned to the squad what the other squad was doing for "starting outside of the fault lines," it was universally agreed that that was wrong, and we were going to start with both feet outside. So now I'm home with my rule book in my hands trying to find the definite rule to address it. One thing I'm noticing is that "Fault Line" in the Glossary is defined as: "A physical ground reference line in a course of fire which defines the limit(s) of the shooting area." Since it refers to the shooting area, it gives more evidence to a starting position being with both feet outside of the lines. What else?
  10. I shoot the M14 whenever Heavy Metal is available, so, yeah, 2-stage rules! I have the SSA-E in most of my AR's, but recently put the S3G in the one I've been playing with when Heavy Metal isn't allowed. The jury is still out on it. I really only did it so I had experience with it, not because I think it'll really make a difference at my level.
  11. So aren't I agreeing and adding a reminder to a shooter not to wait for that redirection?
  12. "Next shooter!" is not the appropriate time to be switching guns. Anyone can do it any time at a Safety Area.
  13. No, I'm arguing that a typical AR handguard is designed as a horizontal foregrip. A barrel is not. So grabbing the barrel would be akin to, well, grabbing the barrel of your Mauser C96 or Walther P38: a less effective/safe grip, but not illegal. Now, an obvious barrel shroud or padded suppressor would be the type of handguard where this would be a harder argument. I'm just outlining my thought process. I don't intent to come off as definitive or canonical.
  14. Right. With a good bag or two, you can definitely get by without one. But you'll be watching us and thinking: "Darn, I need one of those..." And for those of us shooting Heavy Metal, the ammo weighs twice as much...
  15. Well, it includes a PCC! Okay, not really. Sorry. We just have to insert "and/or PCC" whenever we see "handgun," mostly.