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I broke a DOH yesterday, how I don't know but when I got to my last stage and was given the LAMR command I noticed the holster cracked pretty significantly. I just got off the phone to ask for a RA# to return it, and was told that a replacement would be sent without the need for the original, but could I please return it so they could figure out what actually happened.

The holster is several years old, old style DOH, but not abused so I expected there would be no problem with returning it and having it replaced, but did not expect a free replacement, much less without the original returned.

Thank You Blade Tech,...............................Trapr

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This thread made me remeber that I needed to reorder my holster so I just got off the phone with blade tech and they are sending me a replacement for FREE! I told them exactly what happened which is obviously my fault and ask if they coyld give me a discount. After a few minutes on hold they said all I had to do was pay for shipping. Needless to say I will be using blade tech holsters exclusively!!!

Thanks Blade Tech!!!

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